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wrist-loc gloves?


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I've been using HO Talons for several years, and I used some other brands before that that all had an upside-down metal triangle and straps going through it.  Thomas Wayne is actually wearing a set in the ARM-GUARD picture.

 I can't seem to find gloves like this any more.  Anyone know where to get them!?

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If you find any Talons let me know, I'd be in for a group buy - I can use large or extra-large (the larges are too tight, but I can live with that).

I have the pair I'm currently using and an old backup set. Among my many tools and machines I have an industrial sewing machine, so if I can't find a suitable replacement someday, I'll just rob the various parts from all my worn out Talons and retrofit some pairs of Masterline Curves.


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