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ok, I'm ready


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Wow, you ski a LOT like me -- right down to the slight bowleggedness.  Almost thought I was watching a video of myself.  And since I know lots of stuff I do wrong, I can tell you to try to fix all the things that I can't seem to!

Starting from the preturn, keep your momentum going outward.  Others may have better thoughts on how to do this, but keeping your shoulders and hips facing outward even as you begin to turn should help.  A trick Mike Robinson taught me is to "rise up" into the preturn.  I'm not actually sure why this works, but making a point to stand up a little taller as I edge change seems to help maintain outbound momentum even while initiating a turn.

This should lead into increasing your counter-rotation at the apex of the turn.  I practice this on shore all the time, although I'm still pretty lame at it.  Some folks have a lot of success by pushing the handle forward when releasing it, but I seem to be destabilized if I focus on that.  One thing that helps me personally is to keep my visual focus straight ahead all the way until I reconnect with the rope.  But anyhow, you want your outside shoulder behind your inside shoulder and your hips facing [just barely] outward, and then carry this position all the way around back to the rope.  At this point you'll hook up earlier, with better ski position, and no stall.

I think your body position as you go across is already adequate to run both -35 and -38, but you're losing a lot of time in the turns.

Perhaps some of the above will help you.  Good luck!!

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Let me start by saying that your core body position is pretty darn good. Like Animal, I think you need work from the second wake to the ball. Regardless of how you approach it, you need to keep your shoulders from falling in to the boat in the preturn and control the handle better.

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On your glide and turn-in for the gate, there is a lot of the ski out of the water. If you come on up over the center of the ski after your pull out, the righthand bevel can engage as you initiate toward the gate. That will give you good angle going to one.

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