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Becky Hammon. Would you do the same?


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In case anybody hasn't been watching Olympic coverage, here's a story about Becky Hammon, an American playing for the Russian basketball team that just won Bronze.


Personally, I'm a little confused about the contraversy, and it's because of my own status as a competitive athlete.  If waterskiing had made the Olympics as planned in Athens, and some random country had offered to let me represent them in the Olympics, I would have said "yes" as fast as I could.  What an opportunity!

In the U.S., I'm probably barely top 200 out of everyone, but there are plenty of countries in the world where I'd be their best guy.

And I'd jump at the chance.

Am I an unpatriotic traitor or is this a "contraversy" simply because most people don't relate to her situation at all?  I figure most folks on this forum CAN relate, so I'm really curious about people's reactions.

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