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through the turn


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After reading a few posts on this i am wondering if someone has a few key thoughts that might help this problem.

i am a 28 off skier (36mph)  i have no problem at 22.  28 i am about 30%  32 is not happening.  after video analysis here's what i see....

 i am open pretty good through the wakes going to 1...but right after the edge change i am on the back half of the ski and i can never seem to get forward unless it comes too abruptly.  i usually end up turning on the tail and falling out the back.  no matter how much i try to counter...through the edge change or after...i can't seem to get my CM to move forward and though the turn.  when i release the handle i just continue falling to the inside and back...no matter how much i counter or reach forward.

 any thoughts?


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I know the feeling!  This has worked for me.....just a suggestion.  Try carrying the handle forward in the edge change, when you release keep the handle moving forward as though it is travelling down the inside edge of the ski. With the free arm move it diagonally opposite, maximise your hand separation. This will open you up, ie...counter rotate more. Stand up in the turn....this should keep you centred over the ski, then wait!   

I use to reach out to the side and just roll backwards, pull wheelies and kill all my angle, I was going to sell the front of my ski as I never seemed to use it!  Good luck.




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Thanks-i'll give that a go.  i remember last year at Drew Ross's them saying to "rotate out" with the handle.  in other words try to reach what would be across your body. you can't actually do this but the feeling is taking the handle out there and countering.  my problem is i can do that with my upper body and still leave my hips and CM in the back seat.


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