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Kids at tournament


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On August 9, I hosted at tournament at Plaicd Waters.  Lots of great skiing.  Many skiers set new PBs and 35 off was run several times.  The CJ, after tying his PB on his first set, was suspicious.  After the tournament he measured the course and the worst case was 3 cm off.

 The real story was the novice division.  Three new kids in their first tournament.  One girl, 10 years old, was not going to ski.  I told her that we would be patient even if it took her 12 tries to get up.  She got up on her first try and took to the novice course.  By the end of the second round she had the green balls down.  Her smile was incredible.  One of the teens made 32 mph, 34 mph, and then scored 4 at 36 mph.  The first time he had ever run either 34 or 36 mph.  The other kid, also set a new PB by running the course at 30 mph.  It was a great time!  We now have 3 new slalom junkies.

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