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66 or 67 nomads


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I am 160 lbs, ski 34.2 mph and have been on a 66" 2006 nomad for 2 years and get 2@35 almost every set. I tried a 2007 67" RC (not RCX) and loved it, still got pretty much same scores in practice too. Charts say I should be on 66" but this 67" is wicked cheap and doesn't feel much different.

Will 67" mess me up if I ever get thru 35 to 38 off?

Is it too big?

Just curious about input on this subject, I know a lot of awesome skiers that tend to ski on longer skiis.  

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Yes, its too big, especially when you get into 35 and 38.  You will perform better with your 66 at your weight.  The RCX probably feels good because its a better ski than the RC. 
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