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Balls or Boat?


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I've been working on initiating the cut to the gates using my lower body and staying open to the boat (per Rini) but it has really screwed up my timing, just can't seem to be consistent.  Was discussing w/ ski partners and found that they keep their eyes on the boat then turn in as the boat gets to the balls (adjusting for length) while I watch the gates and start my turn as the boat gets to the balls.  I tried watching the boat for a few passes and it may help a bit but it will take a while to get used to it.

So the question is:

Is it easier to time the turn in by keeping focus on the balls vs. the boat while waiting for them to come together?



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For me it is all feel. One thing you need to make sure of is that your width is the same every time. You can sight down 2/4/6 to check width. If you are wide one time and narrow the next you will never find the right spot. Besides that, I know that a lot of skiers do some kind of boat, gate, hot chick on shore, ball one triangle. I think it needs to be what works for you.... I do not believe in formulas for this kind of thing. 

So get width first then experiment.

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I set myself up just outside the boat wash as the boat approaches the 55's  and just before I get to them (10 feet) I fall outside to my left with a "One - Two" count and then look up to make sure I'm even with 2-4-6 ball...  I then keep the handle low and straight up and down (left handed baseball grip) and as the back of the boat goes through the entrance gates I slowly start my turn in for the gates...  The shorter the line, the slower I turn in for the gates.  All the while thinking only about increasing my pull Intensity where its at its maximum right behind the boat between the wakes.

 Its all about visuals for me and trying to duplicate them on every pass so my gate is consistently the same...


Good luck!

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I use a one handed gate (RFF).  I start in the middle of the white water/boat wash.  My ski passes the 55's, I sink my hip out a little to let the edge of the ski catch and let the pull of the boat cast me out (don't use any muscle to load up the pull out) also just short of a  2 count on the pull out.  I have about a 1/2 second glide-ski still traveling outbound, Front of the boat passes the entrance gates, I release the handle (slowly), let the ski cast out from under me and carve almost like a normal 2,4 turn, progressive load to the top/middle of the wake and start edge change....hopefully I did it right.  
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