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A1 set up 66.25

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Length 6.818 tips

Depth 2.5065

DFT .762

Wing 9 deg

First set on it yesterday ran 2 1/2 @ 35 @ 36mph off the dock, 1/2 a buoy off my personal best. Been skiing on a RS-1. THe two skis are very different from each other, but obviously either one works.



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MS, how did it go?

I have one on the way, I can't believe it because I like my RCX which is still practically new.  But I am hoping this is going to the secret that gets me thru 38 off!

I am hearing only great things about this ski, but are there any cons?

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66.25  boot 29.5"

67.5 boot 29.75

got this from HO, their both the same fin measurements.

6.850 tips


.770 flat



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