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RS1 binding position

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With my front Approach at 29.25 which is as far back as it can mount, my back binding is as far back as it will go and I feel my toe touching my front boot. My Monza hole pattern let me have a 1 inch gap.

It looks like I have to adjust or figure out a new plan. Does any one use Velcro to attach rubber bindings? Would I have to put them on a single plate so I dont release only one boot. It would be great if I could mount my rear Wiley right on the RS1 plate that they send, but the holes do not even come close.

I love the feel of the ski, so I need to get this figured out.  

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Get a plate from Erb and then you can mount your boots to the plate w/ your spacing and mount the entire plate to the ski.  I would not recommend taping each plate separately.   One plate w/ your boots mounted to it is the way to go.
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I am currently one hole back from stock on a 68 and think that fits my style better. The stock binding setting seems to work best for very technical skiers but one hole back allows for more of a BallOfSpray style.


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The RS1 rocks. After a great weekend of skiing, I have put Nautique stickers on it. I am done with the Monza. (until a big slump). I just needed a few sets of having my feet about 1/2 inch closer together.  

The RS1 is a very stable, fast ski. I am not even into the fin tweaking stage yet and I love it. If you are in the market for a new stick, you better not look past this ski.

This ski carries speed very well. I think it is just as fast as the Monza, but you feel more in control with the speed that it gives you. It has improved my 1/3/5 as a result. I do not feel rushed as a result. The tip holds very well. I have yet to feel any tail blow out with the ski. There have been a few times where I feel way back on the ski, but it just hangs in there and carries through.

Eddie Roberts was the guy who got me hooked on the Monza and now he has me hooked on this thing. Thanks Eddie for draining my wallet again. The man knows his stuff.

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I am at 29.25 front boot Approach. 

My DFT is .755

Length is 6.850

Depth 2.50

I am going to play around with forward aft this week, but I dont know what it will do to improve. I dont think I have set up issues but I want to make sure I am not missing out on anything.


My first few sets last week had me breaking at the waist comming out of 1/3/5. But That went away after a few sets on the ski. I think it was that I was just trying to ride it like my Monza. So ifanyone is having that happen, just give it a few sets. I also was concentrating on counter rotation after the first few breaks. Siunce that time I have not felt any tendancy to make me break.  

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 What is the distance from the tail to your rear boot?

John Horton, since you are on the RS boots same question, front and back heels please.

 Rossi posted 17" rear and keep your normal spacing and disregard where your front heel ends up. I have size 9 shells and if I keep my shells touching, my front heel is 28.625.  Sure feels like a whole lot of ski out there! Tried it only one set, maybe I should give it a few more sets?

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Chuck, you can find the answer here: http://proskicoach.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=276  Apparently, I did not ask the question very well.


Rini will tell you to focus on the front boot and ignore the rear number.  I think neither can be correct as they both affect the ski.  I just went with 29 and 17 1/4

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