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67" Radar RS-1 for sale


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I have a 67" Radar RS-1 for sale. I bought the ski on a bit of whim out of frustration with my 9800 SL. Liked the ski but found a 9500 and remembered why it is my favorite all time ski.

The RS-1 is absolutely brand new. 5 sets on it. No handle dings, dock rash, nothing! It has the clear backed dual lock on it so if you need it great, if you don't it comes off easily without the foam residue.

 I will take $750 for it and you pay shipping. Can get it to you as fast as you are willing to pay for. E-mail me at lyndanscot@bellsouth.net.


Scot Jones

Lafayette, LA 

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Just staying on my MPD.  The RS-1 just wasn't a big improvement over my MPD, so while it's still in mint condition.  I tried the 2008 Monza and it didn't ring my bell either, great ski, just not better than the MPD.

I need to refill the Mad Money fund so I can try something new when something catches my eye!

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