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The INT League posted some great footage of the Greenlake event last weekend on their new website. www.intleague.com

It was sunshine and smooth water for INT stop 1! Special thanks to those of you who came out to Greenlake on Sunday, May 25 for the INT League Greenlake Open hosted by the Lake Sammamish Ski Club. It was a beautiful day out on the lake. We kicked off the day with slalom skiing, pro skier Jill Knudson and her 5 year old daughter both competed. Jill scored an epic 2 balls at 38 off 34mph, which qualifies her for the INT US Championships in October. Midday, the crowd went wild for an awesome kite board demonstration. INT gave away a pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses to Jason Roberts, who entered the drawing just by pre-registering. We finished off the day with wakeboard competition, we saw quite a few new INT riders out throwing down some huge tricks.

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Great way to spend the Sunday, was way too cool to have Jill & her 5yr old Cali ski on the glass calm water of Seattle's Greenlake as well as the rest of the usual suspects. Years and years ago we had Eddie R I,Jr, & III all skiing there for INT. I think Eddie Jr still has something to do with a ski company.Burt Traub from Crystal Mtn did a killer job on the filming and editing.
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