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Extremely COOL video

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Watch this video if you want to see something quite cool.

We build our patent-pending ARM-GUARD™safety panel using Lexan™, which we believe is the perfect choice of materialsfor the job. If you don’t know what theARM-GUARD™ is, check out this BallOfSpray link:


Lexan™ is one of the most shatterproof plastics on the planet, andwill withstand ANY impact that we are likely to encounter in waterskiing. After all, you don't get a lot morehigh-speed-impact action than a 9mm bullet or a 12-gauge shotgun blast at closerange – as the video linked below clearly shows!

Thomas Wayne


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We've all become accustomed to pushing the handle section through the mainline loop as part of changing handles, but this is often not all that easy. We have to fold the bridle up a bit, and if it has vinyl side tubes it can actually be a bit of a PITA. Changing out a US Gear handle, for example, is a downright bitch.

Meanwhile, we also tend to disconnect the rope from the pylon after the last skier, so we can start our run at a longer line. Since we're taking the rope off the pylon anyway, why not just feed the mainline through the bridle loop? That's what we've been doing for a couple of years now, and it is as fast (or faster) than forcing the entire handle and bridle section through the mainline loop. Even feeding a mainline with shocktube through the loop is pretty quick and easy.

Just remember, obvious is only obvious after it becomes... um... obvious.



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I don't know about everyone else; but, in our ski goroup of about 8-10 guys, I think everyone has their own line and handle.  Is that odd or more the norm.  Obviously this makes changing out the handle a moot point.
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OMG i never would have thought to do that....Wink 

i was just trying to getting an idea about how flexible it is, and if it could be done the usual way. it now seems rather, um, obvious with that photo TW that it can.

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