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Wide ski for wife - size?


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My wife has been working into the course.  She can run the novice course pretty easily at 28 mph.  She's been frustrated trying to make the jump to the full course.  Right now she's on an older 65" KD 7000.  Terry Winter suggested that I move her to a wider ski so we can slow down quite a bit. 

I was thinking of putting her on a Synchro.  One of my buddies rides one, and I think it's a great ski, but I'm not sure what size to go.  The Synchro comes in 63, 66, and 69.  My wife weighs around 110-115.  I'm pretty sure the 63 will work for her, but I wonder if it will let us slow down very much.  Any suggestions on size, or perhaps a different ski?

Thanks very much.

Kyle Pickett

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From what I have read above, a 63" Synchro is the correct size.

I like the Synchro a lot and have had a lot of success with new course skiers on it. I think it would be a good ski to get her on and let you slow down like you need to.

Other skis to think about are the HO Siren, Radar Lyric, and Connelly F1X.

Give me a call and we can do a Ride Before you Buy so you can test out the ski first to make sure you like it.

I think we can get her set up on something that she likes, but in all honesty, I bet she likes the Synchro.


tadd at h2osmosis dot com



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Synchro is great! My woman rides the 66 and I do not think it is too big. (no Tadd she is not 300 lbs)

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