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foot injury prevention


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O.k., I know this can be a big topic, but I love the advice from this forum.

2007 66" MPD, set to stock settings to the best of my ability, med approach on front, med animal on rear, front foot forward, front binding forward one hole.

22 off 34.2 mph went out the front at 3 ball (offside), front foot came halfway out of approach and got wrenched...nothing broken, but swollen and unskiable for about a week maybe 2.

If my foot had stayed anchored in the binding would it be broken? I feel like I need my foot to come all the way out on that, so my thinking is to put front animal back on.

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One word.


Animals, D3 Customs (classic), RS-1s and Wiley’s all have some form of stretch built in so you can get out.

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