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It's almost here

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That first photo is of the west course.  The one below is the  north course, more popular due to it being so close to home - the 55m gates are shot from a dock that is close enough to talk to the skier during his pullout.  The upside is having a completely private 156-acre lake with multiple courses; the downside is a 4 month season.
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After our first day with temps above 70 and no wind last Sunday, it is now snowing again here in Western Colorado.  Already 3" on the ground.  I think global warming took this spring off.  It's already the middle of May, and I only have 4 sets in this year.

 TW- Nice job with the Arm Guard.  Please be sure to post when they are available for general sale.  I will encourage everyone on our lake to buy one, and am now hesitant to let my daughter ski until I can put one on her handle.



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I read about it on the other forum. It´s impressive and interesting, the work you have done. I am quite sure you can post the info here as long as you don´t make it your personal web shop or a marketing channel. So far I have been lucky and I have not had any handle related accidents. But I admit that I have become more concerned after all the accidents that have happened.



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