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Connelly Skis

HO 410

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The image a little big, and I apologize.

I had a buyer from ski-it-again.com comment that my ski has been "run through the mill"

For those of you that are familiar with Connelly skis, can you normally see brush strokes in the paint? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/trauty86/100_0833.jpg?t=1209006120

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The "white undercoat showing on the edge" is far more likely to be a couple of hot spots caused by the camera flash.  I've photographed a lot of pool cues, and this is a common result of non-pro lighting on a radiussed surface (the Connelly bevels are fairly round).

Also, I very much doubt there is a "white undercoat" involved with this ski.  In my experience the color of the resin in the bottom of a ski is usually consistent throughout, and you have to get all the way to the core to see a truly different color/material.  Scratches and dings may give the appearance of "white", due to the way exposed fiberglass can reflect/absorb light, but I've haven't seen any "undercoat" in a glass ski since the early 70's.


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