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Skiing with Rx lenses


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Hello Gang,


I posted this on another site as well, thought someone here may “see it†and share his or her “outlook†on it.


Today I was at the eye store getting some new specs and saw these in one of the display cases and tried some on. They feel good and seem to block sun from any direction with the sort of wrap around look and snug fit. http://www.rudyprojectusa.com/products/sunglasses/rxinframe.htm


 I’m trying to decide between getting a pair of Rx sunglasses and a pair of watersport glasses or just buying one pair like sea specs to use while skiing and just being out in the sun anytime. (the head band thing and all)


 Lasik or any procedure like that that is not in my nearsighted future anytime soon and I’ve got to buy a decent setup for swerving this year.

 In the past, floaties or a boat key buoy has been used on strings to keep them floating should they get torn from my head in a tumble…yeah, yeah don’t fall…I know, I know.


Seeing the buoys is a must, any more frustration regarding my skiing ability could put me over the edge and make me start kneeboarding again or something.


“I’ve got to see orange blurs first, before trying to get around themâ€ÂÂ. 


Hey John,


The pic/article in waterski mag said you wore contacts under them, but are those things you wear available with Rx lenses?


Any suggestions?

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I have never used any glasses while skiing but I have used contacts for about 15-20 years. I have never had any trouble with them and I have never lost any while skiing, and I can assure you that I have had a few OTF. The advatages is that you never have to worry about any straps or floating devices, and you don´t have any problems with fog or rain. If you can use contacs, try them for skiing. If you are using the kind you change everyday, the cost, if you loose them, will not be to high.


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I wear contacts when I ski and $5.00 floating safety glasses. http://www.bglasses.com/


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