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Zero Off 1st Impression

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One of my members finally received his 08 Nautique yesterday and by the time I got home he had the system mapped and had skier a few sets with it.  I skied behind the boat before driving it so I'll give that impression first.  The version in his boat is not the most current and will be updated within a week.  He understands the updates impact the jump setting and not slalom.  Therefore, the slalom version is what we'll have going forward.  I started in the "Recreation" mode so I could dial in a bit slower time.  We set the speed to "34.0".  The time was 17.00.  The pull felt a bit strong for me so we moved to the "Tournament" mode so I could option for A, B or C.  The speed was set for 34.2.  I choose option "C" for this pass.  The pull felt softer but almost too soft.  Time was 16.96 but didn't feel any faster than the 17.00 in "Rec" mode.  I would assume the "Rec" mode defaults to a setting of "A".  Just a hunch.  The next pass I opted for setting "B" and it felt great.  Again, times were 16.96.  Overall, I didn't feel a significant difference from PP Classic to Zero Off.  The Stargazer version we have at our site is not upgraded so we have continued to use PP Classic.

Driving:  This is where I noticed a BIG difference.  As stated by some on another forum, the boat does "gas" the skier at certain intervals but as an "old-school" driver, I remember the days of 240hp carbed boats and the "blocking" technique we used to maintain times.  The action of the Zero Off was eerily reminiscent  of the manual driving days.  The boat was very responsive to the pull and release of the skier.  To me, this is preferable over the constant or slow response of the current PP version.  It allows the skier to release from the boat, maintain a tight line and get in good position out of the ball before the boat recognizes the skier's pull.   I think this was the intended purpose of the PP slalom switch but the result was not as intended.

Again, these are all first impressions of the system and we'll be playing around with it further over the weekend but I like what I see/feel so far.  We'll have the updated StarGazer version in an 08 Malibu this weekend as well.  It will be interesting to hear the feedback regarding the two systems. 

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JD, although the letter can't be changed on the rec page, I don't think it defaults to "A" though when you go to rec mode. Whatever letter you set it to on the tourney page stays with you on to the rec page. Also if that boat has revision "J"(the oldest) you will feel a noticeable difference when you get revision "O". But it is correct that revision "P" (the latest) only changes something about jumping.

You may want to read the More on GPS thread from last week. It explains the characteristics of the letters. That info was put out by Freddy Kreuger to Mastercraft promo people.


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I have just started skiing this year, the past 2-3 weeks.

At a new site, behind a new boat.

I was lucky enough to have Zero Off in our boat last year.  We used it sparingly, as it was not offered in most tournaments, so before tourneys, we went to PP.  At the new site I am at, the club has just got its 08 boat in, with ZO installed already.  It has recently had the update put in as well, so it is the latest version with everything.  Although, I have not jumped behind it yet, I have slalomed.  My first sets of slalom (week(s)-2 weeks worth of sets) were mainly free skiing and feeling things out.

Recently, I have made my way through the course.  Yesterday, things started to feel like they should.  Started off with ZO on "B", skiing 36 mph.  Bounced around a bit, and settled on A.  I agree with JDarwin, that it feels very reminiscent of hand driving.  But, in all honesty, it felt just fine, nothing too crazy different to anything else I have skied behind.  Granted, maybe I do not pay enough attention, or maybe I just don't get that involved, as I feel like I have a lot more to concentrate on, than just the boat.

I see a lot of posts on other forums, and likes and dislikes of the new systems.

My thought is, both systems will have things to work out.  For now, just ski.  99% of us out there, have a lot more to worry about with our own skiing, than to sit there and blame the boat on a bad set.  SELF INCLUDED!!!!

I understand, that we want the boat to work with us as much as it can.  But I also understand, that skiing can be adapted to the driving too.  Not saying that everyone should have to adapt, but what do you think has happened over the last 10+ years of skiing.  Everyone has adapted to the way PP has felt.  Now, something a bit different comes along and people freak out.  Change is good, it means growth, expansion of the sport.

As of right now, the new ZO system feels good.

Going to try to get a set with SG as soon as I can find a boat with it.  Would love to see if I can feel any difference with that.

 Just my thoughts.

Hopefully going to get on the water this afternoon. May just end up free skiing and doing big sprays!!  That is the most fun part anyway!

 Tweak On Horton, Tweak On!!!!


tadd at h2osmosis dot com 


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I tried to make this point the other day but it seems the Taddocaster has done a better job. My deal is that I LOVE the feel I got from the first gen ZO and hate the idea that the systems may feel different. On the other hand the only slalom issues with SG are totally "nit pick". Yea, in the version I have, the all buoy times do not make sense by a few 100th. B.F.H.D. They will fix it and I am skiing the best I ever have for this time of year.

I guess maybe SG sucks and I am skiing good just because of my MPD and RS-1.

See Eddie I got you a plug  even when I was talking about SG/ZO

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lkb was right.  Whatever mode your are in (A,B or C) in the tournament mode, it maintains that mode when you jump to recreational mode.  We've left the controls in "Rec" mode for the time being.  This allows minor adjustments to the speed once you get to a pass your are having difficulty with.   My only complaint w/ the Rec mode is the lack of posted times.  I can only assume that at 34.2 we are within .02 of actual and if 34.0 we are around 17.00.  Otherwise, I really like the ease of use that the ZO offers.  Once I learn how to adequately navigate around in the system, I'll be more comfortable with it.  But for now, I love the "plug and play" ease.
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