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Favourite glove


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Clinchers! Except I put a rubber band around the base of the fingers. This makes it easy to release the grip.

I trick in garden gloves. Or if I can find them, old Maha gloves.

If I'm stressing about the grip, I put a little surf wax on the handle to make it a bit stickier.


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Brent he's talking about the 07 Masterline Masters Curves not the ones you just ordered.  I happened to like them and previous editions but I've heard that the black and red ones for 08 aren't so hot.  Anyone using the new red Masters Curves that can confirm or deny? 
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As weird as it is, I like the Pro Champs from Overtons, and I do not, cannot even sell those, so take that to the bank.

I like having as little material on my hands as possible.

They used to be SUPER CHEAP from Overtons, but I think they got the point, as now they are $44, I think.

The Masterline Weekenders are another good one for not tons of material on your hands.

The coolest new glove I have seen out, is the new HO Taction.  Very simple, basic.  Will Ashers Sig. glove.

I think it is pretty thin, but strong.  So, it wont be as disposable as the others I mentioned above.

The new Prophecys are pretty hot also.  They altered them a bit, as last years were not totally correct.  This years are on point. 

The Overtons, at one time, were like 15 a glove, not anymore.  Made them disposable at the time.

I am going to test out a pair of the Tactions, and if anyone wants to know how they are, email me and I will give you a report.

Maybe, I should try out all the gloves and do a report?  Any interest in that???


tadd at h2osmosis dot com 

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Good Idea John.

Dont think I am swing that one though.

I can do it for skis and boots though, just dont think gloves fit in that category.

What I really want to know is how to get a sweet picture everytime i post.

Tell me how to do that, and DO NOT GIVE ME ONE OF YOUR PICTURES!!  I can do it myself.


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