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ZO StarGazer & WAAS


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I’m’ from Australia & Currently waiting on a StarGazer I ordered a few weeks ago.

A few days ago I watched a promo video Andy Mapple did on Zero Off. My ears pricked up when he used the phrase “Differential GPSâ€ÂÂ.

I know a bit about GPS technologies & presume he would have been referring to WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System).


Being an Aussie & owning several hand held GPS’s I soon came to learn that down here WAAS needs to be turned off for best accuracy

As the corrections it supplies are only relevant to the US continent.

Turn it on here & our accuracy goes out the window.

So this got me wondering straight away, Does ZO use WAAS & if so can it be disables for the Southern Hemi-sphere.

As StarGazer is obviously GPS based, (really stating the obvious there) I wondered also whether the GPS technology in it also uses WAAS & whether or not it can also be disabled.

Anyone got any ideas?

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No idea on WAAS but with all the talk going on here I need to say that StarGazer does skis pretty good.

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