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BallOfSpray Rules - Update


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There are a number of things here at BallOfSpray that, in my opinion, make it the best forum on the net. One of those things is Zero Tolerance for bad-mouthing each other. I think allowing only registered users to post is another thing that improves the level of discourse. Within these guidelines, I strive to allow free speech.


Since we talk a lot about equipment here at BallOfSpray, it is only natural that we would welcome the manufactures participation. I know that many of the factory reps scan all the forums, and I would like to invite all the factories to participate and to announce news here. I would also ask manufactures to refrain from discussing the attributes of competing products and ask that manufactures also not use BallOfSpray for excessive self-promotion. If you would like to advertising on BallOfSpray please let me know.


In the same vain I would like to remind the skiers that unbiased opinion about anything skiing related is always welcome.

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