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Ski School Driver/Instructor OK?


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I've been to a well-known ski school with a driver AND an instructor in the boat.  I've also been to a respected school where the instructor is also the driver, i.e., the only person in the boat when I'm skiing.  He seemed to know what I was doing back there and gave me some good pointers to improve, but I wonder how much he could really see.  Anybody have any opinions/experiences with regards to how well a driver/instructor can teach you?
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I would venture to say a good instructor/pro could drive and "feel" you behind the boat and make some recommendations base on what he or she feels.  They could also see some of what you are doing; but, I question two things:

1.  what are they missing becasue obviously they have to pay attention to their boat path

2.  How good is their boat path since they aren't concentrating 100% on their driving; and, how is it affecting your skiing.  No matter what anyone says, the driver has a lot to do with how good you feel behind the boat.  Either they are "with you" or you are fighting it.

 If the situation is that no one else is availible to drive then you have to go with what you got; otherwise, in my opinion, it is always better to have the respective persons focused on thier repective roles (i.e. drivers drive and coaches coach) 

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I know that some top name coaches have done this over the years but I would not be happy being coached that way.

 I know that with a skier who is 3 or more passes below my level sometimes I can tell at a glance what they need. That still does not mean it is a good way to coach. 


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