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Asymmetrical wing?


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Has anyone here ever toyed with an asymmetrical wing?  I made my own version of Schintz’s mini-wing, and while I was doing it, I wondered if an asymmetrical wing could be tuned to help my offside turn.  I was specifically thinking about using a bigger wing on one side than the other.  Has anyone tried it?

I lurk around here, and I thought this crowd would be the one to ask.


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Hmmmm Yes I have seen it done more then once but always by accident. I also have seen UpSideDown on one side and UpSideUp on the other.

I have seen the right wing angle but pointing up in front as opposed to down (I did this in college by accident and it worked fine until the finish of the turn where the tip of the ski headed for the bottom of the lake.  Typical of me, my ball count was about the same.). 


The real question is: with one wing setting how would one side better and with another setting is the other side better? I guess that if you went out a 9 degrees and 2/4 was better but at 7 degrees 1/3 was better then we would have something to talk about.


If you are skiing at 34 and in reasonable water temps I say you should try a few sets without a wing. Here in SoCal a pretty good percent of the 34 guys do not use a wing.


If you really want to play, I have dozens of wings of all shapes. Let me know.


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