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Carbon Fin testimonial


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I put an old Carbon Fin on Kirk's new Goode 9800. HO soft? was written in magic marker on the fin and I set it to the old scribe line on the fin. No numbers as I don't always use a caliper - I put a scribe line on the fin after a good set so I can get back to that setting. But the ski was noticably better. The turns were smoother and  I got more angle. Kirk liked the feel a lot more also. Nice product, John.

I'm worthless as a testimonial as I have no idea where the fin came from, what ski I used it on, how well it skied or anything. I had to put a layer of electrical tape to get it to hold in the fin box and grind down the mounting grooves to get it to fit the Goode box. But Kirk wanted me to try something and this was hidden in the bottom of my junk drawer so... I'm happy. Thanks,


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errrr thanks I guess. Do I need to come down there and set his ski up? What size did you get him?

Real Testimonials can be found at  http://www.carbonfins.com/TrueStorys04.htm I love the one from Dr. Jim. When I got that I knew that the product was for real : -)


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My two daughters have been running 88's on their D3's for 4 years and wouldn't hit a course without one.  I'm not certain about other skis but for D3's, you can't go wrong - it lights up the turns and the skis track much better off the 2nd wake.  In fact, I just put my oldest daughter on a new X5 Rose and the first question she asked before getting in the water was "did you put my carbon fin on this ski?". 
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