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Custom MPD


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 Got balls?  New 65" MPD cut down to a 61" !!!

Phase 1 - Sawzall off a 4.5" piece of tail -


Got the idea from Matt Rini, then saw his little 7 year old rippin it up on hers!  Had to try it for my daughter Carly, she's 9 years old. This is phase 1 of the project, should have it completed by the weekend.

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Project progress - Phase 2

Cut off 4.5" of the tail, then cut the last 0.5" of the molded tail off the trim piece, then split that 0.5" piece in order to make the tail corner pieces. JB welded to the ski. Once dry, I'll add epoxy putty to fill the gapsmooth everything out and finish out the fin slot.


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  • Baller

Careful, Chuck. That is how it gets started. Soon you'll be unable to ski on a stock ski and you'll have to take that sawzall to everything you buy. Too much customizing and you might end up like me or Horton.

It looks you need a bit of bondo (or superfil - lighter) for that gap at the end. On second thought, try leaving the gap and see what it does. Report back, my grinder is standing by...


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Phase 3

Split the tail piece and attached the factory molded corners to the shortened ski with JB weld and once dry, filled the center and bottom with marine epoxy putty. Sanded smooth and ready for paint. Fin box should get mounted Friday.





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