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How has the 9800SL worked out?

My ski bud Ted M. has been trying one.  Cleaned up his onside but offside is still off a little.  He runs a lot of fin though compared to stock and your setup of less length and slightly more depth.





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AB:  I've been trying to get a new hardshell setup worked out but I believe the ski is better than the original 9800.  The on-side is smoother.  The offside may be a bit better but the ski allows you to screw up the off side and still create enough angle to stay in the pass.  The original 9800 didn't work with you as well.  Now that I finally have the binding issue worked out, I look forward to spending some quality time on the ski this fall.  Everyone else I know on the ski loves it.  As for fin settings, I would have your friend put my numbers on the ski.  There are several of us using those numbers and they work great for all styles / speeds.  If he is having a problem w/ his offside, running the fin a bit shorter/deeper may solve the problem. 
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FINALLY figured out the SL last night.  More tip and deeper.  The ski is faster than the original 9800 and rides higher.   With my original settings ( 6.851 jaws / 2.450 depth / .640 DFT) the ski tended to "slide" at the finish of my off side turn resulting in a very quick and unexpected hit.  By running the fin deeper it not only carries out better but also finishes the turn more progressively but with lots of angle.  These are the numbers that we've determined work best:

 Length:  6.855 to 6.860 jaws

Depth:  2.453 - deeper than stock but necessary to prevent tail slide and provide width on carry out.

DFT:  .680 - speeds up the glide for the gate and overall gives the ski a faster feel

Dawg ran three 38's at 36mph back to back to back last night with this setting.  It takes some getting used to because the ski doesn't finish quite as hard but if you're quiet on the ski and let it finish, it works!

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