When I arrived  home today, I found a UPS box at the front door. Inside was a Digital Slot Caliper made by Dave Dipol. My first reaction was “Well, that is not going to work”. Ten seconds later, I realized that the slot caliper is pure genius!

Digital Slot Caliper

With the Slot Caliper, getting repeatable DFT measurements is almost foolproof. 
To use the Slot Caliper, simply slide the slotted shaft onto the fin. Once the fin is in as far as it can go, slide the lower jaw until it hits the fin. Zero out the caliper and  then move the lower jaw back past the tail of the ski allowing the caliper lie flat on the bottom of the ski. Then slide forward to reveal tail measurement number.

It is a little hard to explain in writting but the first time you use the slot calipers, you will wonder how you measured without them. I hope Dave does not ask for his simple back, they are already in my tool box.

Digital Slot Caliper
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