Roberts Joins D3AF


D3 Water Skis from Auburn, WA is proud to announce the addition of 16-year-old Will Roberts of Dow, Illinois to our Elite Junior Ski Team. Will has been one of the top ranked junior jumpers in the Nation since 2010. He currently holds the Boys 2 National jump record of 144’. He was the first skier in history, at 14 years old, to go 170’ on a 5’ ramp. Will also won the Jr. US Open and the Junior Malibu Open Jump titles in both 2017 & 2018. Will is not just an incredible jumper, but he also excels at trick and slalom and has been a top competitor in Overall in Boys 2 and Boys 3.

Freddy Krueger said, “Will has an understanding that is very mature for a young man. He has soaked up what those of us who have gone before him have learned, but he’s not afraid to implement his own natural techniques as well. It’s a great combination. He’s the best I’ve seen at this young age in building a technique that isn’t just good for 31.7 mph, he’s building a technique that will work even better for faster speeds and bigger jumps. He has his eye on the future...that’s going to make him very dangerous...very soon I think. I look forward to watching this great athlete perform on D3 products for years to come”

Follow Will Roberts on our Team web site and in social media as he gets ready for his next event the King of Darkness Night Jump, at the Isles of Lake Hancock on Saturday November 3rd.