Compared to top of the line skis that cost 3 times as much, the V is stable and predictable.  Compared to other skis in the same price range, the V is remarkably high performance.  The V does a great job filling the gap between ultra high end skis and lower level skis. With a MSRP of only $349 (blank), I think the V is the best ski for the money that I have ever ridden.

I rode this ski under 2 different mindsets.
First, I rode the V as if under INT Wide Ride rules (the 67” V is a little more then 7 ¼” wide). At 30 mph, the V was not only a lot of fun, but it also took me down the line into 39 off.

Second, I treated the V as a normal 34 mph ski and ran into 38 off (within few balls of my normal score on a top of the line ski).

The V turns with smooth arcs until pushed. If pushed, the V will comply with sharp changes in direction. Whereas some high-end skis will punish a skier for not being in perfect position, the V is very forgiving at the ball.

When the V is ridden beyond its limits at 34 mph, it does not hold angle and direction off the ball like a high-end ski. To be fair, I rode the V pretty far past its practical limit to find its bad habits. I think that mid-32 off at 34 mph is the practical limit for this ski. Ridden at 28 off 34 mph or less, the V holds plenty of angle. At 30 mph, I did not reach the ski’s limit.

The real surprise with the V is the width at the ball. The V gets as wide at 34 mph as any ski at any price. Ridden at 34 mph 35 off, the V carries direction from the wakes and out in front of the ball with ease.

For 2011, Connelly has two skis that I highly recommned.  If you are running 32 off 34 mph and beyond, I recommend the Connelly Prophecy. See my 2008 Prophecy review. If you are anywhere between learning to run the course and running 28 off 34 mph, the V is a great choice. If you are skiing INT Wide Ride, the V is the real deal.



Below is Connelly’s description of the ski:

Ski bottom technology has been stalled for too many years.  We wanted a 34 mph ski that worked better for the skier than any of the old designs on the market.  Stepping outside the box we started testing steps in the tunnel. Straight steps, angled steps, steps that roll up the bevel, stopped short of the edge, 4 steps, 5 steps, etc.  Our testing and performance on the water validation confirmed that 6 V shaped steps is far superior to any other design.  These steps grace the edge-to-edge tunnel of the ski, which reduces drag and helps speed with less wetted surface area.  The result is a smooth quiet ride that is freer in the turns and quicker reacting.  A narrow tail sits deeper in the water creating a more symmetric turn and less bounce across the wake.  This is the smoothest most forgiving 34 mph ski on the market.  It looks better, feels better, skis better.  Change isn’t coming, change is here.

Blank $349
Double Sidewinders w/ Hinge Tech $599
Double Enzo w/ Hinge Tech $679