As a brand that has lead the market with 53 years of industry-first innovations, Connelly Skis operates on a mission to continuously push the future of high-end ski design. Although their crown jewel has always been the GT, this year, they are forging a new frontier.
To inaugurate the 2019 season, Connelly Skis is excited to announce the launch of their all-new flagship ski, the Connelly GT-R. Designed with the same superior performance and control at high speeds that has been a staple quality in the GT for years, the GT-R is a fine-tuned weapon that boasts epic efficiency and maneuverability for the ultimate slalom weapon.
The brainchild of Joel Howley and Doug Cannon, the GT-R was built fusing the best qualities from both high and low riding skis. With the GT-R, skiers will be able to grip through the apex of the buoy for graceful, yet powerful turns and unleash at the finish for maximum angle and acceleration into the wake. 
Here’s how. Like the GT, the GT-R’s tail is fashioned with a reduced sidewall, which allows the ski to anchor through the turn for heightened stability. However, new to this model, the reduced side wall now extends up past the bevel at a 45º angle. This causes ski to water contact, which generates lift and reduces drag. The results? Snappier finishes and electric speed out of the buoy.
Additionally, the GT-R’s sharp to round bevel transitions set the ski deeper in the water, while the long, flat underfoot provides a distinct center zone for effortless balance and less tail blowouts.  Combined with our advanced technologies in the core, flex pattern, hybrid texture and V-Step, the GT-R has set the standard for a whole new pedigree of high-end slalom skis. 
We caught up with the brains behind the GT-R for a little Q&A to learn more about the skis’ inception and its capabilities.
Connelly - What was missing in the high-end slalom ski market that you sought to remedy?
Doug: A deep riding ski that would stay planted in the biggest turn, yet still yield massive acceleration.
Connelly - Walk us through the process of formulating the 45º angle.
Doug: When we first began developing the GT, we started with the 45º top edge bevel, but did not implement it into the final product. However, we revisited the 45º bevel for the GT-R and found it was monumental, so we stuck with it.
Connelly - Why is the technology behind the GT-R such an advanced feat for slalom skis?
Doug: We amalgamated V-Tech step technology, reduced sidewalls, 45 degree upper surfaces and hybrid base textures, squeezing all the benefits into an outstanding whole.
Connelly - Why should people consider the GT-R among other brands?
Joel: Connelly doesn’t claim to reinvent waterskiing every 12 months. Only when we actually take a legitimate step forward in technology do we release a new ski - ergo the GT-R. This ski has more grip and less drag than anything we have ever produced, and I am very confident that skiers will perform better on it than any other.
Connelly - What is one thing you struggle with in the course that the GT-R will help improve?
Joel: I often fold at the hips exiting my onside turn. The lift created by the GT-R’s tail allows me to rotate the ski faster, giving me more time at the back of the ball to travel inwards before the rope tightens. As a result, I can take the load closer behind the boat, which is a much easier place for me to hold my body position.
Visit https://www.connellyskis.com/gtr.html to learn more and watch a video of Joel explaining the technology step by step. Skiers can sign up to receive an email alert when their GT-R is available for purchase.