Chris Parrish is synonymous with slalom ski excellence. For those who have seen him ski, his powerful yet fluid position is something to try and emulate. His 6’5” frame gained him the nickname “The Tower” that has followed Chris through his career. CP counts 3 World slalom Records, 5 Moomba Masters Titles, 2 US Open Titles, 2 US Masters Titles and many more titles and records as his major ski accomplishments. For those who have met him though, intimidating is not at all the correct word to describe Chris Parrish. He’s lighthearted, fun loving & funny. Devastated by major neck injuries and the loss of Andy Mapple in 2014, Chris stepped away from the pro ski scene for a while. After a few years away and surgeries to repair his injuries, Chris is back. Although still competitive on the pro tour, CP now relishes his time skiing with friends and students and especially his time training at his stomping grounds on Lake Pickett with his lifelong ski buddy, his dad.

Chris’s now looks for a ski that provides more balance, speed, and efficiency to supplement his extra-large stature to make things easier and less taxing on his body. Now in its 2nd generation(Mark II), with Chris’s feedback we’ve further developed the rocker, bevels, and width properties of the Omega Max.

Now offered in 65”, 66”, 67” * 68” sizes and 2 builds(Syndicate Construction & Carbon Construction), this wider variant of the Omega program provides the acceleration from turn to wakes allowing for the early, tight line skiing skiers’ dream of.

Results already coming in:

Elisha Nelson got dialed in on Women’s Carbon Omega Max quickly, taking one of the first skis out of the mold and setting a new A2 world record of 1.5@32mph at the California Pro-Am.

Chris Parrish has returned to the pro scene in pro form. He ran 2@41’off at 36mph in the Hilltop Pro-Am, demonstrating that the Omega Max Mark II is not only great at slower speeds like 28-32mph, it rips at 34 & 36mph too!


Now live on the 2022 website and hitting stores soon, learn more about the Omega Max program, find out why it may be right for you to elevate your own skiing!

Syndicate Omega Max:

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