We are very happy to see Dave Goode GOODE SKI TECH, announce a contingency program for competitors skiing Goode products.  Please go to Goode web site for details.   Dave Goode has supported the Big Dawg every year since the first Big Dawg in 2004.   We are pleased to have Goode Ski Tech. involved with the 2009 Big Dawg.

 I hear some of the guys ( Big Dawgs), are ripping it, the past few weekends.  Big Ben ran 3 at 41 in Miami, over the weekend.  Also heard Dave Miller ran 2 1/2 at 41 at another tournament recently.  Holly Cow, These guys are stepping it up.   Will 41 fall this  year?   I still go back to my Don Beeman Story.  Don, got 4th place at the Finals two years ago.  I think his best score was 2 or 3 at 39, ( all weekend),  Now don't get me wrong, 3 at 39 is awesome,  ( most skiers only dream of that kind of score).  It does go to show you, anything can happen, and just because you can't run 39 doesn't mean you can't be in the hunt. 

We have contracted a professional TV Web cast production company to do the web cast at the Finals. ( Tom Gray)   Last year, one camera, this year, 5 camera's.   Should be fantastic. 

There has been a change to the format at the Finals. ( Due to Sun Glare on E/W lake).   Friday, Sweet 16, start at aprox. 6 pm on Main Lake ( North / South Lake ).  Then a short intermission, and move the show to the East / West Lake.  Start time of Elite 8  Aprox. 8 :15 or 8:30.  Run Elite 8, Finals 4 and Championship on E/W lake under lights.   Wrap up at aprox.  10:15  with awards presentation.   ( Nothing changed for Thur)

Please refer to for official rules.

OK,  Good Luck to all you guys and thanks for your continued support of the Series.

Greg Davis
Obrien Nauitique Big Dawg Coordinator