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  • Sacha Descuns joins The Syndicate!


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    The #5 ranked skier on the Waterski Pro Tour Leaderboard, Sacha Descuns, has signed on to join the 
    Syndicate Team.

    Sacha explains, “The main reason I am switching ski brands after all these years is the Syndicate Works 
    01 ski itself. In one word, it’s efficient. It’s always where it needs to be, giving me the right amount of 
    angle and speed, while improving my transition from the 2nd wake to the buoy.” Sacha goes on, “The 
    Syndicate is composed of passionate, dedicated, and skillful people. They do their best to help us skiers
    achieve our goals. I’m proud to become part of a ski and development team so high performing and full 
    of talent.”

    As one of the only skiers to ever run into 43’off/36mph (9.75m/58k), Sacha has already claimed titles
    and stood on many podiums in his young career. His pro breakout came in 2018-2019, where he won 
    titles at the 2018 European Championships, 2018 French Malibu Open and 2019 Mapple Pro-Am. In his 
    last 3 healthy seasons, he racked up 12 more Pro tournament podiums. After a resurgent 2022, he 
    currently sits 5th place on the Waterski Pro Tour Leaderboard. 

    “We are thrilled to welcome Sacha Descuns to the Syndicate Pro Team. Sacha’s style and prowess on the 
    water have led him to heights few have ever reached on a water ski. We’re excited to see what he can 
    unleash on a Syndicate.” said Marketing Director John Mommer. 

    Sacha joins a pro team stacked with both the current Mens and Womens Pro Tour Champions and 5 
    more ranked in the top 15. As Syndicate team skiers, they’re highly involved in the development of new 
    Syndicate Waterski products.

    Keep your eyes peeled for Sacha’s 2023 season debut on his new Syndicate Works 01 ski. 

    More About Sacha:
    Hailing from Lourdes, a little town in the south of France, Sacha spent his childhood between lakes 
    slalom skiing in the summers and snow skiing in the mountains for the winters. 
    His passion for precision tuning stems from another obsession, motorsports. Sacha taught himself to fix, 
    upgrade and tune rally-cars and motorbikes. If not for skiing, Sacha maintains that his time would surely 
    be fixed in motorsports.

    One of only a small number of skiers ever to run the 41’off/36mph pass in a tournament, Descuns is a 
    podium favorite every time he enters an event. After stellar 2018 and 2019 seasons, pro career was 
    paused due to injury and the covid pandemic. His resurgent 2022 season was led by 2nd at the San 
    Gervasio Pro-Am, 3rd at Fungliss Pro, 3rd at UK’s The Duel, and 3rd at the European Championships.

    Try a Syndicate Ski now and feel why so many are making the switch! Go to hosports.com/demo to get 
    started with no obligation.

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