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    The Goode Avalon’s design is the brainchild of Richard Abelson and multiple time world champion Jimmy Siemers to deliver a ski that would meet the needs of the next generation of upcoming athletes and open the door to new possibilities in trick skiing.  
    Tested by Goode Athlete and Junior Masters Champion Jake Abelson this ski was designed to not only be a fierce competition machine but to have a playful effortless feel on flips. The pin tip/tail design creates drive and hold while edging, the progressive edge profile gives easy access to the key edging portion of the ski. The long grooves keep tip and tail hold long up the wake to make take offs clean and crisp. This ski was designed to be low drag, high speed and loads of fun. 
     Key Features:
    Offered in sizes 41.3 and 42.3 (larger sizes to be developed in the future) Two flexes – Soft (below 160lbs) and Stiff (over 160lbs) Using Goode's Trusted Carbon Core Technology Progressive bevel design Sharp Precision edge design (Custom edge tuning on request) Softer edge lets ski sit deeper, sharper edge reduces drag and adds clean release from wake. Long grooves for extra hold Pin Tip/Tail adds superior carve-ability 1 free GiveGo session with Jimmy Siemers with purchase  *All water skis are handmade and will ship within 10 business days of order placement
    *Trick Skis DO NOT receive the 21-day demo program

    Syndicate Hilltop Pro-AM

    Miles Sand and Gravel Co., is proud to be the Official Webcast Sponsor of the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, https://hilltopproam.com/,  August 20th and  21st  2022.

    2023 Radar Skis

    Welcome to the wonderful world of 2023 Radar Skis, we've worked hard to create a collection of goods that encompasses all we do at Radar. Head to radarskis.com to see what we've cooked up this season!

    Goode XTR Team - Review

    Ten years ago, Goode introduced the Nano 1. That ski has become one of the most influential ski designs in the modern era and a personal favorite of mine. The Nano 1 was eventually refined at Goode to create classic skis such as the XT and XTR. The Goode XTR Team is the latest evolution of Nano 1.
    General Feel: Stability and forgiveness are the two attributes that are immediately apparent when riding the XTR Team. As with the very first Nano 1, a skier can get surprisingly far depending on strength and determination. When the skier focuses on the fine mechanics of slalom skiing this ski delivers an additional level of performance.
    Turns: On both sides, the finish of the turn is controlled by the amount of front bevel in the water and how aggressively the ski is rolled to the inside. When the front bevel is engaged there is a distinct feeling of the front of the ski being pulled under the line. This is as opposed to the tail of the ski sliding or smearing through the turn.
    With any of the settings used for this review, at no time, did the tail of this ski feel loose.
    The XTR Team does not shut down noticeably nor does it carry excess speed into apex. This ski seems to provide a happy medium in this regard. The result is that it is easier for the skier to keep a tight line approaching and leaving the ball.
    Toe Side (Off Side) Turn: The ski’s stability approaching apex allows the skier to move forward and roll the ski in with confidence. The finish of Off Side turns on the XTR Team are sharp and fast. The ski dependably finishes with substantial angle. 
    Heel Side (On Side) Turn: This skis tolerance for imperfect skier technique is most evident at the On Side turn. When the skier is at their hardest pass and starts making mistakes this ski still turns when other skis would refuse.
    As with Off Side turns, the amount of the inside bevel in the water and roll to the inside dictates the radius and speed of the turn. 
    From Ball to Second Wake: The XTR Team makes ample speed into the first wake, but it does require more physical effort than some other skis. The same attributes that makes the ski so stable and forgiving approaching the ball makes it not as fast leaving the ball. Some of the previous iterations of the original Nano 1 such as the XTR CC were faster leaving the ball but less friendly at apex. I much prefer the balance of the XTR Team.
    From Second Wake to Ball: The above-mentioned stability is most evident from the second wake to the ball. It is noteworthy both in terms of tip-to-tail (pitch) as well as side-to-side (roll) stability. This gives the skier more confidence and the opportunity to control and drive the ski as opposed to reacting to it.
    The ski initially moves out and away from the pylon automatically at the edge change and then lets the skier moderate the amount and rate of roll for the rest of the way to apex. 
    Although the ski is not distinctively fast, width at the ball is not an issue.
    Conclusion: The XTR Team has earned a place among my all-time favorite skis. When I am skiing technically it is absolutely on point and after I make a big mistake at my hardest pass it gives me a chance to recover and keep going. It gets better as the rope gets shorter. I love this ski. Dave would have been enormously proud of the Team.

    3 simple words can make a big difference to a 13 year olds slalom technique. I had been struggling with upper back pain for a while (due to sub-optimal slalom position) and this pain made my position worse! But one tip helped change this and put me on the road to a better position and less back pain!

    2022 Herb’s Cup

    2022 Herb's Cup from Radar Skis on Vimeo.
    Family, Format, and Feels.
    Herb’s Cup is like no other slalom event in the world, and for good reason. This tournament is our representation of the creativity and innovative spirit of Herb O’Brien, the founder of Radar Skis and the godfather of modern-day waterskiing. With an emphasis on family, and fun we flipped the traditional rules of competitive waterskiing on its head and invited a handful of the most progressive skiers on the planet to compete for the honor of hoisting the Herb’s Cup high.
    The Field
    -       K.C. Wilson. K.C. has done it all, World Champ, National Champ, a decorated pro career and regarded as the smoothest skier in the business.
    -       Joel Poland. The most buzz-worthy skier in the game. World Record Holder, World Champion, Poland works the hardest while having the most fun doing it.
    -       Stephen Neveu. The tall Canadian, Big Nev: Pro Tour winner, World Champion and past Herb’s Cup winner.
    -       Jamie Calhoun. The New Kid. Jamie is a disciple of Jason McClintock and skis with similar power and precision. Rife with potential, Jamie holds the keys to the future of shortline slalom skiing.
    -       Corey Vaughn. Peace-Love Corey is on the short list of people to have ever run 41 Off. The defending Herb’s Cup Champion is also one of the most sought-after coaches in the world.
    The Format
    Straying from the traditional formula, the format at Herb’s Cup is simple, intense but simple. With seven minutes on the clock, you ski your way to your hardest pass, and then burn the rest of your time taking as many shots at that line length as possible. Skier with the highest score wins. Ties are settled by highest cumulative buoy count at that pass.
    The Shakedown
    The guys got the ball aggressively rolling in the qualifying round with Stephen Neveu and Joel Poland both running 3 @ 41 Off. Backup cumulative scores would put Poland in the driver’s seat as top seed into the final. As the Pacific Northwest faithfuls lined the shore and squeezed into the three-ball ‘splash zone’ K.C. Wilson took to the water, determined to post a score for the guys to chase.
    After a flawless 38 Off, KC took down a scrappy 39 to finish with 1@41 letting the remaining skiers on the dock know that this year’s Cup would have to be battled for.
    2021 runner-up Jamie Calhoun was next out with the bittersweet memories of what could have been from the previous year. After finding his groove through his opening two passes of 35 and 38 Off, Calhoun couldn’t stay on his feet through 39 finishing with 4@39.
    Defending champion Corey Vaughn was next out and was intent upon taking the Cup back to Virginia. Following his same high-risk high high-reward strategy from last year, Vaughn went for his famed 35 Off, straight to 39 Off approach. Although it took him two attempts to clear his 39 Vaughn was quickly into 41 with time on the clock. After a quick breather, Corey ended up with 2@41 with two skiers remaining on the dock.
    2018 Champion Stephen Neveu took to the water and was eager to fill the Cup once more. Employing the strategy of zero rest and zero wasted time between passes, Neveu quickly and efficiently ran through his 35, 38, and 39 Off passes, leaving plenty of time on the clock to amass buoys at 41 Off. After a quick breather Big Nev put up a 3@41 with only one skier remaining.
    Current World Overall Champion Joel Poland embodies the spirit of Herb’s Cup and had his sights on taking the Cup back to England. After working his way through a solid 39, Poland instructed the boat to just spin the boat after each pass, “keep spinning until I win,” he said after his 39, maximizing his shots at 41. After running 2@41 twice, Poland turned two ball on his third attempt, clipping three ball and crashing as his time expired.
    1.     Stephen Neveu 3@41
    2.     Joel Poland 2@41 (5.5 @41 Cumulative)
    3.     Corey Vaughn 2@41 (3.5@41 Cumulative)
    4.     K.C. Wilson 1@41
    5.     Jamie Calhoun 4@39
    Honoring the heart and creative spirit of Herb O’Brien is the driving force behind the Herb’s Cup. From the skiers and the spectators to the entire Radar family, this event ignites the pure enjoyment of the sport and reminds everyone in attendance why we chose to ski in the first place. With a setting sun, Stephen Neveu drank from Herb’s Cup, toasting his memory, honoring his name.

    Joel Poland has invaded this industry like an alien from a planet where waterskiing is the life source keeping its population going.
    He's the most talented kid we've ever seen ride a waterski, his determination to be the best is unwavering but the coolest thing about Joel is his weirdness. Weirdness in the weirdest, wildest, best possible sense of the term. He never stops dreaming about what's possible on a ski, he's invented more new tricks than anyone in the most recent years and due to that we offer the Joel Poland Ltd. Graviton, keep it weird Polish.

    The 80th GOODE Water Ski Nationals are being held Aug. 7-13 at Mystic Lakes in Maize, Kansas. The nation’s top water ski athletes will compete for national titles in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall in respective age divisions and two Open divisions during the seven-day event. To view the live webcast, live scoring and daily recaps, visit www.waterskinationals.com. In this episode we talk to Dawn Goode and Regina Jaquess about Goode’s sponsorship of the nationals, the brand, the way Goode has helped water skiing evolve and how they continue to carry on Dave’s legacy.

    2023 Senate Pro

    Our best selling ski in our highest performance construction, the Senate Pro is a ripper for those looking to get after in the slalom course at 32/34 MPH. The added width of a Senate provides more balance and control at the finish the turn but the PMI and Textreme carbon of our ProBuild construction give you all the angle and speed you could ever want. 2023 Senate Pro is here!

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