Annual Demo Sale on Skis, Boards & Surfers Starts Tomorrow!

We are known the world over for our RENT-TO-OWN DEMO Program, and this time each year we blow out all our demo inventory to make room for next year's demo gear. This means you get the chance to save HUGE on some lightly used Slaloms, Wakeboards, and Wakesurfers. So if you've been looking to snag a deal on a new ski, or board, here is your chance! The sale starts on Thursday and runs through Friday!
Don't leave close by? Don't worry we have you covered this year. We will be posting most of skis, boards and surfers online this year and will try to show any dings on them but for the most part...the gear has VERY little use as we had less people demo'ing the gear due to covid shutdowns.
SALE STARTS: Thursday November 18th and runs through Friday November 19th.
AVAILABILITY:Items are very limited and being offered online and in the shop. If you want to secure a specific item we encourage you to call us at 407-859-7544 during normal business hours of 10:00 am - 6:00 pm EST. If you order online, we will confirm the order once its pulled and your payment is approved.
TERMS: All items are used,but we want you to be happy with them. But items are USED and Sold as used. If you have specific questions on condition / quality call us or drop by.
We will be sending out a copy of the pricing early on Thursday morning via email so make sure you tell your friends to sign up for our email list....but to tease you a are some ideas of the savings:
2021 Radar Vapor Pro Build normally $1900 Only: 1199.99
2021 D3 Ion / Ion S normally $1500 Only: 1199.99
2021 HO Syndicate Omega normally $1800 Only $1099.99
2021 Liquid Force Butterstick Pro normally $479.99 Only $279.99
2021 Ronix RXT Blackout normally $800 Only $499.99
2021 Liquid Force Trip: normally $300 Only $149.99
2021 Hyperlite Wingman: normally $800 Only $479.99
2021 Liquid Force Bonzer Bat: normally $840 Only $499.99
2021 Liquid Force Reign Skim normally $650 Only $399.99
2021 Ronix M-50 Flyweight Pro normally $800 Only $499.99
2021 Ronix Koal Classic Fish normally $650 Only $429.99