Nautique has done the unbelievable. They have developed a ski boat like no other in the industry, a boat that will completely revolutionize our industry.

When I joined the Nautique team, the current boat was the Ski Nautique 2001. In the 27 years since I’ve been on the team, Nautique has had only three new tournament ski boats. Each time they have revolutionized the industry and set the competition on a multi-year quest to try and catch up. Now, they’ve done it again.

The team at Nautique has really outdone themselves. The all-new Ski Nautique 200 is truly revolutionary. Revolutionary from not only a much improved wake shape and design standpoint, but also the entire look of this boat is very forward-thinking and innovative. The amount of storage is greater than any other boat in the industry. The helm design is completely repositioned which dramatically improves the driver’s view. Open bow and closed bow versions are identical - there is one hull and two decks. Their common hull has greater lift, allowing it to ride higher on the water, creating the softest wake in ski boat history. Needless to say, the time and investment the company has made to this boat and the sport of water skiing makes me very proud of my association to Nautique.

Last week Nautique made its first showing of the all-new Ski Nautique 200 to key industry representatives. During this first preview day, our videographers were onsite to capture everyone’s reactions first hand. Check out the video below to hear more about their thoughts and better understand why the Ski Nautique 200 will truly revolutionize the skiing industry once again.

Again, Nautique, like all its ski boats before, has written a new chapter in water ski boats, one that only Nautique could write. Stay tuned to Team Nautique for continual updates, videos and pictures leading up to our official launch of this all-new ski boat. Also, make sure you visit your nearest Nautique dealer to learn how you can call the Ski Nautique 200 your very own.