A Brighter Future for Pro Waterskiing as Waterski Pro Tour partners with IWWF

International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) and Waterski Pro Tour are pleased to announce their new relationship as they unite to promote professional waterskiing.

Earlier this year the IWWF replaced the Elite Point structure that had governed professional waterskiing with an improved competitive framework developed by Waterski Pro Tour. In doing so, a unified, global tour of all IWWF-sanctioned professional waterski events was created. This tour brings together both the historic, tentpole events with the new and emerging under one banner in an effort to further capture the imagination of the growing pro waterskiing audience.

IWWF and Waterski Pro Tour have now taken the further step of officially partnering. This reflects their common goal of promoting awareness of, and engagement with, professional waterskiing globally.

Under the partnership IWWF will remain the regulators and decision-makers of the technical aspects of pro waterskiing. The Waterski Pro Tour will market pro waterskiing, foster corporate relationships and support existing and emerging pro waterski events.

“I remember the excitement of the Café de Colombia Waterski World Cup and Coors Light Waterski Tour and enjoyed watching ski legends battle each other for the gold.  Today, we start a new chapter in professional waterskiing that will take our sport back into the public’s view for the new generation to enjoy.”  – Jose Antonio Perez Priego, IWWF President

"I am very excited to see the IWWF and Waterski Pro Tour work hand in hand to give pro waterskiing the visibility it deserves. We are looking forward to taking the many opportunities to grow the sport we are all so passionate about." - Manon Costard, Waterski Pro Tour co-founder, IWWF Athlete Rep and current women's slalom World Champion 

International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) is the world governing body of towed water sports. Founded in 1946, it is recognised by the International Olympic Committee as the sole authority governing all towed water sports and has over 90 affiliated member federations worldwide.

Waterski Pro Tour was founded in 2020 with the aim of accelerating public engagement with the global sport of professional waterskiing