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    Welcome back to The Water Ski Podcast for episode 99!This is the second part of Matteo's interview with Andrea "Bubu" Alessi!Bubu is a former Pro water skier from Italy, the 1993 World Jump Champion, and former coach of the Italian National Team. He is widely regarded as the most influential water skier in the history of the sport in Italy, due to his successes and contribution to the development of the sport. In this second part, Matteo and Bubu discuss the transition from skier to coach, including the importance and challenges of these identity changes. The two proceeded to explore Bubu's years sailing around the world, the birth of his daughter Mia, the challenges of being a good coach (including the mental side of skiing and coaching), and a bunch of other nuggetsEnjoy! Episode 100 will be released as soon as it is ready :)_________________________Matteo will soon be hosting an online class in sport psychology for waterski coaches and anyone who enjoys helping

    On Today's Episode, its a BOS episode...where Rob and Marcus take a few questions from @BallOfSpray forum. // WE APOLOGIZE in advance, as one of our microphones died in the middle (5:20 mark) so hopefully the degraded sound doesn't cause too much of an issue for everyone out there.

    Are you tired of feeling weighed down and restricted while water skiing? Are you in need of a vest that will provide maximum protection and support without sacrificing style and comfort? Look no further than the new impact vests from Stokes. Stokes is taking the water ski industry by storm with its cutting-edge equipment, and the new impact vests are no exception. These vests are not only designed for top-notch performance, but also for a sleek and modern look.

    MB and Rob are on today, talking about one of the most important topics in water skiing: Keeping it Simple!...so you can actually make consistent progress. How much should you think when you ski? What do you do about adverse conditions: boats, ropes, driving, etc..? They get into it and a whole lot more.

    Will Asher & Dave Wingerter on the development of the Syndicate Works 01. Why does the Syndicate Team often utilize prototypes in pro events like the World Championships and US Masters? It's all part of the true Syndicate testing process and development timeline.

    Get your season kicked off right! First Session Dates for On-Site Training with Terry Winter are Up and Booking is Happening!! If you want to improve your skiing while taking advantage of the opportunity to ski in sunny California at a beautiful site, check the dates and get scheduled today. We don't want you to miss out! Sunday, March 19th - Thursday, March 23rd

    Only 13 years old when he broke the men’s world slalom record – and only 14 when he won the Master’s for the first time – legendary water ski athlete Kris LaPoint isn’t done yet. From the science behind water skis to his desire to keep competing, if you are into slalom skiing, you don’t want to miss this episode.   

    Welcome back for Part 2 of Matteo's interview with Dave Wingerter! Dave is the Vice President of Product Management and Global Brand Director at HO Sports Company. He is also a great skier who continues to train and test whenever he gets a chance. In this second part, Dave and Matteo dive deep into the role and responsibilities Dave has at HO Sports, including products that go beyond the Syndicate line. This sets the ground for interesting considerations about engineering and creativity, the beauty behind manufacturing, and some Dave's ideas for future projects. Enjoy!

    Jay Bennett, whose water ski and wakeboard school in Zachary, La., is one of the best known in the business, joins the Hit It! podcast to talk coaching, his time as an athlete, running a top-notch ski school and, of course, the return of the LA Night Jam.

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