In the last few days I listened to Marcus Brown interview Dave Wingerter about the new HO EXO Bindings and tonight I changed the O’Brien banner here on BallOfSpray to show the new Prodigy bindings. In the world of bindings, things are changing.

My journey from 80s EP & Kidder rubber bindings to HO rubber to the early hardshells has been a rocky one. My right ankle will never be the same because of a fall I took in some home spun shells. For the last few years I have been very happy and safe in my Radar RS-1 boots. Now that I am over 40 and have a permanent injury, I pay extra special attention to bindings.

 We are now seeing many of the manufactures getting innovative and competitive with each other. This is a good thing for all of us. I can hardly wait to try the New HO and O’Brien boots.

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