"The top make and female pro skiers from the US are gearing up to compete at the America's Cup that will take place on Thursday and Friday of the Goode Nationals.  Skiers will compete in the open division of the Goode Nationals as the prelims with the top skiers making the finals to be held Friday Night.  If you are attending Nationals extend your trip to watch this great event which features all 3 events, both male and female, including overall.  Mastercraft will be pulling Mens Jump, Malibu Womens Slalom, and Nautique Mens Slalom and Womens Jump.  Over $40,000 in cash prizes will be handed out.  It's not too late to sign up, if you are a Level 9 open rated skier you qualify, and its only $50, sign up now online...Click here to enter


OM Jump OW Jump
 Krueger, Freddy  Jaquess, Regina
 Garcia, Taylor  Morgan, Lauren
 Haines, Quinn  Greenwood, Brittany
 Leutz, Benjamin  Kalkbrenner, Erin
 Greenwood, Samuel  Hansen, Kennedy
 Kalkbrenner, Cole OW Slalom
 Lang, Nicholas  Jaquess, Regina
OM Slalom  Truelove, Karen
 Travers, Jonathan  Austin, Bailey
 Detrick, Brian  Nicholson, Allie
 Triplett, Brenton  Hawkins, Kassidy
 Nicholson, Zane  Dobbertin, Jessie
 Wilson, K.c.  Garcia, Alexandra
 Hunter, Sean  Lang, Erika
 Bullock, Michael  Greenwood, Brittany
 Cord, Adam  Morgan, Jenna
 Giacopuzzi, Cole  Hansen, Kennedy
 Greenwood, Samuel OW Tricks
 Pickos, Adam  Lang, Erika
 Haines, Quinn  Jaquess, Regina
 Lang, Nicholas  Nagle, Brandy
 Warner, Dan  Greenwood, Brittany
 Leutz, Benjamin  Hansen, Kennedy
OM Tricks  
 Pickos, Adam  
 Greenwood, Samuel  
 Sharkey, Jared  
 Haines, Quinn  
 Lang, Nicholas  
 Stallings, Garrett