SkierOfYear-3The 23 year old, Freddie Winter, hails from the land of the Queen and the slalom greats; Mapple, Asher, Fisher, and Campbell. To follow in these giant footsteps would be an incredible feat, yet this has not stopped Winter from making a name for himself. In 2011, Winter ran into 41off for his first time, and since then, he has scored into the 41off line on countless other occasions. Winter won the U21 European Slalom title in 2011, and this year, he secured the top slalom spot during the Europe & Africa Team Championships and finished 2nd in the Europe & Africa Open Championships. At the Goode Bracket Challenge, Winter’s first debut in the States, he threw down a huge score of 5 @ 41off. He continued his US tour at the Diablo Shores ProAm where he finished 6th place. Winter later claimed the title at the Michailidis Masters and tied the lake record with 4 @ 41. However, his moment of true glory came in 2013 at his first World Championships. Seeded 9th in the prelims, Winter impressively swerved his way into the finals and finished the event by taking home the bronze medal. From 2010 to 2013, Freddie moved from a quiet 15th on the world rankings list to a massive 5th place spot, beating out some of the top names in the world like Thomas Degasperi, Aaron Larkin, and Chris Rossi. There is no doubt Winter will have a strong and successful future in this sport.

Matt Page: Research, Stats and Framing
Ellie Rae Horton: Words and Style
John Horton: Executive Editor

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