SkierOfYear-2Behind the counter of her own compounding pharmacy, Regina may seem like every other ordinary citizen, yet as soon as she steps onto the water there is nothing average about her. Jaquess defeats the slalom course and 39 off like no other woman in the world, and since 2005 her dominance proves her supremacy. Jaquess won every slalom event that she entered in 2013 and was once again standing at the top of the podium as she clinched not only the slalom title at the World Championships but also a new World Championship record of 1 @ 41off. And who says women have no potential to compete against men? Jaquess annihilated mens co-world record holders at the Eagle Sports World Record Challenge and took down Big Dawg skiers in the Goode Bracket Challenge. Although a phenomenal slalom skier, Jaquess also holds her own in the tricks and jump events, proved by her overall wins in top notch tournaments like the World Championships and her world record in overall. In jump, she placed 2nd at the LA Night Jam, US Team Trials, 4th at the World Championships and Malibu Open. She also made her mark in tricks, achieving 3rd at the US Team Trials and 5th at the World Championships. Will this pharmacist’s reign ever be challenged?

Matt Page: Research, Stats and Framing
Ellie Rae Horton: Words and Style
John Horton: Executive Editor


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