The Syndicate Omega Mark II builds upon the intuitive, get-in-position and let-the-ski-do-the-work-for-you philosophy of the original. Updated with increased surface area under the back foot, this 2nd generation Omega has the lift needed to accelerate skiers out-of-the-hole and win the race to the first wake.

A new, narrower, pin tail shape allows the Omega to roll onto edge like narrower skis, giving skiers smooth edge-to-edge transitions. With increased rocker under the back foot, skiers will experience a tighter turn radius than its predecessor. Finishing touches include classic Omega design features like a medium volume concave, Bob LaPoint hand-tuned bevels and a proven, US-made Syndicate quality construction.

The Omega’s design philosophy remains the same, but after 2 years of taking the Omega to limit on the world’s most prestigious and challenging sites, the Syndicate team has elevated the Omega Mark II to the next level.


The Omega Mark II ski shape employs a medium width profile with a narrow tail. This allows the ski to roll onto and stay on edge easier. It’s tail is rounded which allows the tail to sit deeper at the finish of the turn for increased hold. The Omega’s base retains a Low Volume Concave. Compared to other Syndicate models, this allows the Omega to maintain skier speed more easily for improved efficiency and less skier effort required. For 2022, the Omega has an improved 4-stage rockerline. The true flat spot located under the skiers front foot allows the ski to move through the wakes and outbound better than any Syndicate ski to date. An additional flat spot in the tail provides more support and helps keep the tip down through the finish of the turn.

Take on your PB with the 2022 Syndicate Omega, available soon…