ConnellyThe first two generations of the Connelly Prophecy were fun to ride and a joy to review because they were unique. The first generation ski was a challenging ski to master with radical tendencies. The second generation ski was substantially more user friendly but still not to the tastes of many shortline skiers. The 2013 ski is the third generation Prophecy, it is the best ski Connelly has produced in 20 years, and one of the very best skis I have ever reviewed.


General Feel:

The Prophecy flows from ball to ball on easy passes and then displays remarkable forgiveness for skier mistakes at the limit. There are some skis on the market today that feel great for easy passes, but do not deliver when things get hectic. There are also skis that feel awkward on easy passes,  and then come to life when the skier nears their limit. The Connelly Prophecy feels good underfoot from your first pass to your last. This ski gives the skier everything they need to reset their expectations.  

Many modern skis get additional stability by being wider. The Prophecy is a more traditional shape and archives stability by sitting deeper in the water. A byproduct of this stability is that the skis attitude, or tip height, is constant throughout the course.

Toe Side (Off Side) Turn

If there is one attribute that defines this ski, it is the way it turns the off side. When you reach apex and begin to move to the inside, the ski simply changes direction. With some skill and patience it will carve a smooth tight arc to the inside. If pushed, it will snap around at a remarkable rate. Either way will result in massive angle back to the wakes. Skiers who excel at keeping their shoulders level will be rewarded with addition angle and control.

The off side turn is fast and the angle is acute but the turn is not sliding or unstable. The Prophecy delivers a nearly foolproof off side turn.

Heel Side (On Side) TurnConnelly-2

The on side turns are somewhat rounder and more flowing than the off side turns and are still fast and the result is massive angle. The Prophecy can be made to turn on side without a lot of front foot pressure, but the ski tends to lose water speed if you do so. With at least moderate front foot pressure approaching the apex, the ski will flow back to the inside with ample water speed. 


From Ball to Second Wake

If you make a calm and controlled exit from the ball line, the Prophecy will maintain your angle and create more if needed. If you make a mistake at the ball, and stay calm, the Prophecy will make up angle all the way back to the first wake.

When things are going as planned the Prophecy is at least sufficiently fast. If you panic and drop your shoulder, the Prophecy will generate a shocking amount of cross course speed.    

From Second Wake to Ball

If the definition of a “fast ski” is “a ski that will get wide and make space in front of the ball even if the skier fails to manage the rope”, then the Prophecy is a very fast ski. The Prophecy delivers more of a feeling of early than a feeling of wide. The ski gets wide but does so with a long arcing pre turn.

Quirks & Notes

Skiers who can relax and ski less aggressively will get the most from this ski.

If there has to be at least one thing to dislike about the Prophecy it is the fin block. The one piece block without set screws can be a challenge to work with.


Best ski ever? There is no such thing. Is it my personal favorite review ski to date? Yes.