🏃 MOBILITY — Addressing the importance of movement, range of motion and flexibility in not only performance and strength but injury prevention and recovery. 

💪 STRENGTH — Ensuring proper form before weight we will build on our progress throughout the 12 week program to increase both large and small muscle strength. 

⏰ CONVENIENCE — With each workout sent to your phone or computer via email and our app, you will be able to complete the 30 minute - 1 hour programs in the comfort of your own gym, on your own schedule. 

👀 ACCOUNTABILITY — We check in with you daily to ensure your workouts were not only completed but that you understand the significance of even the smallest movements. We are always just a text, email or phone call away if you have any questions. 

🌱 GROWTH — METHOD is a commitment to being better than you were the day before and understanding that small movements, proper function of joints and muscles and challenging yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. 

👬 COMMUNITY — METHOD is comprised of waterskiers from around the world. With participants from Dubai, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the United States to name a few, you will be on this journey to off-season improvement with a group of like-minded individuals chasing more buoys, feet and points. 

📅 Join us for a 12 week online functional fitness (strength + mobility) program formulated specifically for off-season waterski athletes. The 12-week program starts every Monday.

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