This crew defines who Radar is and everything we stand for. Last summer this rad team hit the road to Eastern Washington and the waters of Lake Roosevelt. There we shot a lot of images on 2016 gear but more than that we had a fun time, turned buoys and ran infinite open water lines. We shared laughs, jumped fires, drank whiskey, we did what everyone of you do, we enjoyed life and the joys that come from riding Radar. Check out some fun snippets of our houseboat adventures on Lake Roosevelt.



Ciao Ballers!
As we all use these first few days of the year to determine our 2016 resolutions, here at Jolly Ski we are working on the resolution we made on August 16th. We want to bring the San Gervasio Pro Am back! 
Last year was yet another success, with solid competition at short line, both for Pros and Amateurs.
Please keep up with what we are up to on Facebook and Instagram, and check out the tournament website for more information!