"This ski is a buoy chaser. It's raw, lean & badass!" -Will Asher after running 41'off/36mph his first set on the Syndicate Pro out of the new mold. (Shown here).

Tune in Friday to http://www.hosports.com/ for more about the upcoming 2018 Syndicate Pro. HO Skis designers and pros will be hosting demos on the new ski design Friday evening and Saturday at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am after the event concludes. Get there for your taste of the pro level ski that has the top skiers raving. The Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am begins Saturday and is located Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington. Home testing center of the HO Skis R&D crew, Hilltop Lake is a flawless site ripe for huge scores and intense pro and amateur competition. Finals take place on Sunday where pros will battle it out for a 10k cash prize purse. #WhoDaresWins

Can’t make it to the event but want to demo a Syndicate ski? Check out http://www.hosports.com/demo.php and sign up to try the highly acclaimed Syndicate VTX and VTR skis.  Now you can also demo the new Syndicate Hardshell Boot/Binding System with no obligation!