Nautique press Release

“It's obvious that Nautique is highly dedicated to supporting three- event skiing with the most prestigious events, and the most elite athletes. No other company is as dedicated to Jump and three-event skiing as a whole. I look forward to the future of the sport and a partnership with a company that shares my vision of progression. Nautique is committed to developing the world’s best boats, and I'm committed to being the world’s best Jump athlete so we found it to make perfect sense. To a great season being pulled by the Nautique 200!” – Ryan Dodd



If it didn’t happen on Instagram it didn’t happen at all. Seth Stisher announces joining the Connelly Skis team.

 We are stoked to announce Seth Stisher has joined the Connelly Team. Seth’s passion for water skiing is witnessed through his decorated competitive history as well as his 20+ years coaching at the WaterSki Training Center (located at OZ in Charleston, SC). In 2016 you’ll see him on the Big Dawg Word Tour lighting up the course on a GT, and coaching some of the best skiers in the world both at his home site in Charleston, SC or at one of his many traveling clinics around the globe.

See why Seth made the switch to the Connelly GT

Seth explains, “My tag line, ‘Wanna Swerve?’ is based around the idea that we welcome anyone who is willing and interested. We want you to ski with us whether you’ve never tried before or you’re an actively competitive skier.” Now that’s a philosophy we can get behind. And yes Seth, we wanna swerve!!!

Check out more on Seth at his website –


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eagleHOUSTON, TX (February 15, 2016) – Masterline USA (Masterline) is pleased to announce the purchase of Eagle Sports (Eagle) which will now join Quantum Skis as a subsidiary of Masterline.

Eagle has a long history as a leading wetsuit manufacturer in the water ski, show ski and barefoot industries. It is best known for it’s high quality, superior fitting barefoot suits with exceptional graphics. In recent years, Eagle has expanded into the competition ski vest market with great success and its Comp Vest is the choice of World Champions and World Records Holders such as Nate Smith, Regina Jaquess, Ryan Dodd and Thomas Degasperi. Eagle is also the choice of the leading show ski teams because of its full range of padded suits, vests and wetsuits all made in the USA, customizable in fit and graphics to the unique needs of each team.

Masterline President Russell Gay stated, “We are very happy about this acquisition and excited about the future. Eagle’s products are category leaders and its product line will be a perfect compliment to Masterline’s current offering of ropes, handles, gloves, travel bags and Quantum Skis. We are a product driven company that likes to have complete control of our manufacturing so that we can ensure quality products that we are proud to use ourselves. We are pleased with the quality of the workers at Eagle and the manufacturing process that is in place.”

The manufacturing will remain in Houston, TX. Chuck Gleason, the previous owner, will remain onboard and assist on new product development, Eagle's technologies and manufacturing processes. Russell added, “We feel that the processes that Chuck and Michele have implemented are very strong. He has state of the art equipment and installed 3D design and modeling software that allows us to create new designs, grade the size patterns and send these direct to a high speed cutting machine or laser to precision cut our material for the best fitting and most consistent suits.” When asked why he sold Eagle Sports, Chuck replied, "I've spent 8 years taking Eagle from a very manual operation to a state of the art digital process utilizing the latest technologies. I've learned a lot along the way. Most importantly that you can't grow as fast by yourself as you can as a team. Masterline's need for a high quality wetsuit line, and their desire to continue manufacturing in the United States, their experience supporting the same markets as we do, make them a perfect match and thus builds a much stronger team."

Eagle also offers a full graphics and printing department with capabilities in screen, pad and dye-sub printing. Eagle’s printing and cut and sew production offers many opportunities to produce additional products for our dealers. Eagle can print t-shirts or promotional items, manufacture and custom print UV shirts, rash guards and event bibs. In recent years, Eagle has been proud to produce the bibs for the leading water ski tournaments in the world including the Masters, US Open and Big Dawg series.

Rule Changes:NCWSA
The use of a 4.5 foot ramp is approved for both A & B teams. All 4.5 jumpers will jump first, then events will proceed with the 5 foot ramp.
A jump boat path chart is now apart of the the rulebook that outlines proper language and boat position to communicate to the driver.

Introducing “Zero Based” slalom. Skiers can now shorten the rope after making a full pass without reaching their divisions max speed.

A kneeboard can be used in the trick event for 1/4 trick ski points.


University Worlds
US Team trials will be held for skiers wanting to attend the 2016 FISU University World Championships which will be taking place in Akita, Japan on September 8-11. Team Trails date & location TBA

2017 Nationals will take place at Bennetts Ski School.
The 2016 Nationals wildcard show will take place on social media.
Clarification has been added to the rule book that Nationals is sanctioned as class C and all rules & protest will follow class C rules.
Nationals will be webcast and paid for by NCWSA which will sell sponsorship & commercial spots (NCWSA owns all rights to Nationals video production and coverage).

All-Stars Winners will be recognized at the Nationals Banquet.

GoodeRev6Entering it's 20th uninterrupted year with a world record to its name, GOODE Skis is once again transforming ski design and performance with the RéV 6, a giant leap forward for the FlexTail, a ski that powered Chris Parrish to the No. 1 spot on the IWWF world rankings list, won multiple Big Dawg titles and pushed skiers across the globe to countless new line lengths.Rev6

The magic in the all-new RéV 6 lies in it's highly refined length-to-width ratios. A rigorous R&D process discovered a longer length that works in perfect harmony with the lateral flex induced by the FlexTail - creating the speed and stability of a longer ski and the turning characteristics of a shorter one. The result is a ski universally loved by GOODE's testing and design teams.

"It's the best ski I've ever ridden," says Chet Raley, a world-renown coach, Men's senior world slalom champion and a key member of the R&D team. "The FlexTail to me was mind blowing, but there was more work to be done, as is always the case with all things, like cars, boats and skis. The work over the winter was relentless, but we took the FlexTail and made it a way better ski. This ski accentuates the FlexTail technology better than the original ski did. It's more stable, more balanced tip-to-tail and side-to-side. It maintains a really tight turning radius without destabilizing the ski."

The higher length-to-width ratio is manifest by an additional length between the boots and the fin, in essence elongating the tail of the ski.

"You have more ski behind you so you can ride a bigger ski, utilize the advantages that that offers, but still be able to turn it because the FlexTail technology is giving you a huge assist," said Dave GOODE, founder and president of GOODE Skis. "That extra length in the tail generates more speed from the buoy line to the first wake, leaving you up-course and ahead of the boat, all with more line control and less physical exertion and fatigue."

The RéV 6 is the result of an R&D process that began as soon as the FlexTail hit the market last year, with the testing and design team focused on taking full advantage of the industry-first lateral flex found in the FlexTail technology.

"Whenever there is a huge leap forward in technology in any industry or sport, it takes a bit of time - and a lot of hard work - to fully maximize the potential," says Goode. "The extra year of R&D has allowed us to do that with the RéV 6 and it's paying off for the test team in extra buoys."

For World No. 1 Regina Jaquess, the extra R&D led to a ski that is markedly better than the FlexTail, and has her skiing a preferred style of skiing.

"The FlexTail was a great ski, but now we have this 12 months of data from everyone skiing on it at different lengths and different conditions," said Regina Jaquess, the Women's slalom world record holder and two-time defending world champion. "The biggest thing is I feel it's lighter in the course, and of course we want to be light, we want to have that feeling of being light."

The RéV 6 will come with GOODE's standard five-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, and will be available in six sizes: 64", 65", 66", 66.5", 67", and 68".

Skiers wanting to order the RéV 6 can add their names to a waiting list beginning on March 3rd. Orders are expected to begin shipping in mid-March.

Singer(Merced, CA) – Today both Centurion Boats (Centurion) and Supreme Boats (Supreme) announced that respected industry veteran, Paul Singer, has been appointed as their President.

Singer, an Air Force veteran, is highly respected for nearly three decades of work in the boating industry. He is best known for playing a key role serving as an executive at one of the boating industry’s largest manufacturers. During his time at the boat manufacturer Singer played an instrumental role building the organization from a start-up into a respected industry leader. Singer is universally respected and liked among competitors, dealers, vendors and customers.

Centurion and Supreme are both owned by Correct Craft and are built in Merced, California. For over twenty years Centurion has been the official boat of the Wake Surf World Championships and was recently chosen by the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) as the official boat of their Wakeboard World Championships. Supreme is known for providing great watersports boats at an exceptional value. Singer will serve as President of both brands.

Singer, President of Centurion and Supreme stated “I could not be happier to join the Centurion and Supreme teams. Both brands have wonderful teams and we will work together to achieve great things!” Singer added “I am also happy to be part of Correct Craft. The Correct Craft culture is amazing and something we look forward to further developing at Centurion and Supreme. The future is exciting!”

Bill Yeargin, CEO of Correct Craft, announced Singer’s appointment today stating “Paul Singer is one of the most respected people in our industry and he will have a big impact on both Centurion and Supreme. Paul fully embraces the Correct Craft culture and he is a friend; Paul is one of the best guys I know and I could not be happier to have him joining our family.” Yeargin added “In the several months since Correct Craft purchased Centurion and Supreme the brands have released exciting new product, added nearly thirty new dealers, seen production processes improved, added key talent and seen Centurion selected as the official boat of the IWWF Wakeboard World Championships. Having Paul join the team tops this all off with the best news yet and begins an exciting new era at Centurion and Supreme!”

Denali Logo BlackDenali Skis is a new USA based startup in the water ski community with a revolutionary approach to ski design, product support, and skiing philosophy. We at Denali are excited to announce the launch of our new 2016 Denali Ski, now available in limited quantities at

Orders are fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis, and skis will no longer be available when order limits are met. By intentionally controlling volumes, Denali intends to grow organically, focusing on personalized technical support for each individual customer. Visit to learn about our asymmetrical fin settings, free-flex binding plate, measure-flat tail, and much more!

The team behind Denali consists of engineers who are also skiers. For several years, Denali has worked off the grid exploring the boundaries of water ski design. With the use of an exclusive rapid prototyping method, new concepts at Denali are drafted to a 3D model, machined into a mold, built and tested - all in less than 72 hours. As a result, Denali has evolved its ski design faster than ever before, putting the new 2016 Denali years ahead of the competition.

In addition to the most cutting edge design in slalom history, flex and torsion patterns are customized for each individual skier. Matching the skier’s size, weight, and ability to a tailored flex pattern provides ideal characteristics to optimize the delicate balance between speed and feel on the water, further improving longevity and performance.

Providing an unmatched level of support, Denali customers will have access to an online community where skiers can ask questions and share ideas about setup, technique, and training. This platform provides customers direct access to the Denali community as a whole, as well as the engineers/skiers behind the ski, allowing for continuous technical support to help all customers take their skiing to a whole new level!

Join the Denali community today, and order now at to get your limited edition custom built Denali ski! Skis will begin shipping May 1st.

Herbs CupQUINCY, WA (January 29, 2016) – We are excited to announce that Crescent Bar River Fest will include the first annual Herb O’Brien Memorial Cup this year. Radar Skis, MasterCraft Boats and Sunshine Marketing have partnered to celebrate the Godfather of waterskiing with this Cash Prize Pro/Am waterski tournament.

Our mission is to celebrate the spirit that Herb O’Brien instilled in waterskiing, the passion he held for water sports in the Northwest and his specific love of Crescent Bar. It’s these values that we wish to reinforce in the community through an annual professional ski event and pro skier tour through Western and Eastern Washington.

The Herb O’Brien Memorial Cup will feature and international field:
K.C. Wilson – 3X Jr. Masters Champion
Brooks Wilson – 3X Jr. US Open Champion
Freddie Winter – Pro Champion and British Record Holder
Jason McClintock – Canadian Record Holder
Stephen Neveu – World Champion Medalist
Chris Rossi – Professional Champion
Trent Finlayson – Canadian Record Holder
Terry Winter – Professional Champion

Herb O’Brien founded O’Brien Sports, HO Sports/Hyperlite and most recently Ronix Wakeboards and Radar Waterskis. In 1972, he built the second ever manmade waterski lake in Woodinville, WA which today remains one of the most famous lakes in the world. Anyone with the privilege of knowing Herb remembers him for his generosity and giving nature. There are endless stories of his compassion told by the hundreds of people who worked for him over the years.


Rank Skier Event % Score % Combined %
1 Jaquess Regina 100.00 100.00 100.00
2 McClintock Whitney 92.86 92.86 92.86
3 Costard Manon 85.71 85.71 85.71
4 Krueger Geena 78.57 64.29 71.43
4 Truelove Karen 64.29 78.57 71.43
6 Lucine Clementine 71.43 64.29 67.86
7 Dodd Breanne 57.14 64.29 60.71
8 Baldwin Brooke 35.71 64.29 50.00
9 Dumala Samantha 14.29 78.57 46.43
9 Franc Ambre 28.57 64.29 46.43
11 Adriaensen Kate 50.00 21.43 35.71
11 Haw Makayla 42.86 28.57 35.71
13 Coble Eller April 21.43 7.14 14.29
14 Arthur Nicole 7.14 14.29 10.71



SW&WC opens the season 2016

We are back, and it is now time to start planning your 2016 ski season. We are happy to announce that training opens March 5th with Easter holidays around the corner which is a great time to start skiing, relaxing and enjoying life in our beautiful complex! Not only will we be happy to help you with your skiing skills, with a fully stocked pro-shop waterPROOF – we’re also here to equip you with the latest skis, vests, gloves, handles and swimwear!

Building on last season’s success, this season we will host 4 tournaments:

· 1-2 July: Sesena´s Summer Slalom (4 rounds)

· 2-3 July: Nautique Big Dawg World Tour (2 rounds + head to head finals)

· 4-7 August: +35 European Championships

· 1-2 October: Sesena´s International Slalom (4 rounds)

If you are planning to compete in any or all of the above, please send us your entries early as each competition fills up quickly! Also, don’t forget to book your practice / training sets during the same time.

Once again during June, July and August we will have our kids courses, for more info and reservations contact us.

Hope to see all of Sesena skiing friends soon!


We are starting this Monday with the right foot, launching a project that fills us with enthusiasm and happiness.

We are launching the new WATERPROOF website and blog,

It´s been already 6 years since we began this adventure, founded in 2010 by water ski and wake professionals with the aim of meeting the needs of enthusiasts of the sport by providing all necessary materials at the best prices, solving the problems of finding the right equipment in the nearby.

We have decided to go one step forward and redesign our web and create a blog where you will find posts regarding the pre-season, new products, driving tips, yoga stretching before and after your set and more written by professionals of this sport like Matt Rini, Chris Rossi, Javier Julio, Ricardo Botas, Claire Lise Welter, Natalie & Fred Halt, Ivan Morros, Whitney Mcclintock, Sandra Botas, Nadine Botas, Cristina Medem and many more. We want to thank them all for the help.

You will get 2 posts per month, we hope you like them and they inspire you as much as they inspire us.

And as we are launching the new web we want to offer you free shipping during the first week, use the code WELCOME.

Thank you for following us. Don´t forget to sign up in our newsletter for the latest news, posts and offers.

Welcome to this new chapter.

Rank Skier Event % Score % Combined %
1 Smith Nate 100.00 96.55 98.28
2 Winter Frederick 96.55 93.10 94.83
3 Parrish Chris 86.21 100.00 93.10
4 Asher William 93.10 89.66 91.38
5 Howley Joel 89.66 86.21 87.93
6 Degasperi Thomas 82.76 79.31 81.03
7 McClintock Jason 79.31 79.31 79.31
8 Travers Jonathan 75.86 79.31 77.59
9 Vaughn Corey 62.07 82.76 72.41
10 Bartalsky Martin 68.97 62.07 65.52
10 Wilson K.C. 65.52 65.52 65.52
12 Odvarko Daniel 58.62 68.97 63.79
13 Sedlmajer Adam 72.41 51.72 62.07
14 Detrick Brian 51.72 62.07 56.90
15 Allais Carlo 55.17 41.38 48.28
16 Stadlbaur Benjamin 48.28 44.83 46.55
16 Neveu Stephen 44.83 48.28 46.55
18 Winter Terry 24.14 55.17 39.66
19 Adams Nicholas 34.48 41.38 37.93
20 Napolitano Davide 31.03 41.38 36.21
21 Ambrosi Sandro 41.38 17.24 29.31
21 Pigozzi Robert 37.93 20.69 29.31
23 Finlayson Trent 13.79 41.38 27.59
23 Luzzeri Matteo 27.59 27.59 27.59
25 Brantley Tom 20.69 24.14 22.41
26 Kolman Martin 17.24 10.34 13.79
27 Yager Tyler 3.45 17.24 10.34
28 Efverstrom Johan 6.90 6.90 6.90
28 Parsons Nick 10.34 3.45 6.90



Taking a trip to Orlando, Florida? Let MappleSports be your one stop place to train! Bring the whole family. You can book your time and be in and out in 30 minutes or hang out and let the kids learn to ski; paddle board available too. Great location... minutes from the airport, the convention center and attractions. Hope to ski with you soon.

The world record capability lake can be booked by the set or rented by the hour, day, week or month with a Nautique 200 and driver provided.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 321-217-1692 for more information.

Nick Parsons

D3 Logo

January 2016 KC Technology- Ellensburg Washington

D3 SKIS is excited to announce the signing of 33-year-old professional water-skier Nick Parsons of Salt Lake City, Utah. Nick remains one of the top ranked slalom skiers in the world and brings a career full of experience to the D3 Pro Team.

“Nick is a great ambassador for our sport and will be a great addition to the D3 brand, said D3’s Paul Crawford, D3 Sales & Technical Support.

Will Bush, D3 Design Engineer added, “Nick has the unique ability to communicate what he feels while skiing. This feedback will be extremely valuable to our performance based design program going forward”.

Nick has a strong International reputation traveling to South Korea and other international destinations promoting slalom water skiing. “We look forward to Nick representing the D3 brand worldwide”, said D3 President Creed Kidder.

Nick had this to say about the new relationship, “I am really looking forward to working with the D3 team. I am in a place in my career where I want to focus on skiing my best but I am also interested in having input in producing the best skis. This feels like the perfect fit for me”

Nick joins D3’s legendary team of world record holders Nate Smith, Erika Lang, Freddy Krueger and Pro Skiers Adam Sedlmajer and Seth Stisher.

@NicholasParsons Twitter
@Nicholas_Parsons Instagram
Nick Parsons for Facebook



Ellie Horton is three event and third generation competitive water skier. She grew up skiing at Horton Lakes, which was built by her grandfather Dr Jack Horton, and began competing when she was ten years old.

Currently, Ellie is a second year student at Florida Southern College. She is studying journalism and skis on scholarship for the FSC water ski team. is ranked 3rd overall in the nation, 9th in the U21 overall world standings, and has her open women’s rating in overall.

She is a member of the D3 water skis Factory Team and is sponsored by CAMARO wetsuits and NewCity Clothing.

Her recent successes have included winning Division I women’s tricks at the 2013 collegiate nationals as well as taking the tricks and overall title at the U21 2014 Pan Am Championships.