Edge Waterski is in the business of designing, engineering and selling waterski hard shell bindings. We deliver to customers worldwide. Edge Waterski is based in Groveland, Florida and was developed by Jon Travers in 2016. As the sport of Waterskiing grows, we grow with it - evolving and creating revolutionary products. Edge Waterski allows skiers from all levels, no matter strong or weak to gain a significant benefit. Core team members are among the most successful currently competing and we work together to provide the highest level of service.


Mike’s Overall Bindingmobsystemrelease

The next generation of the releasable overall binding system from Mike’s Overall Binding, aka the MOB, is being introduced to water skiers at the USA Water Ski Nationals. The MOB system is available at the introductory price of $399 through the end of Nationals.

The MOB release system has reduced weight with a smaller spring housing than his previous OB system, and incorporates an easier to use plastic adjustment screw mechanism. The new MOB boot mounting plate has been designed using a lower profile composite G10 material, which allows better flex and rebound for improved performance. The redesigned boot plate also features mounting slots that allow easy mounting of most common styles of hard shell boots. You can also use the soft fit style boots available from most major water ski manufacturers.

Additional new features to the MOB are trick ski mounting slots forward of the boot, a sturdier solid mounting plate, and a micro-just system mounting hole. The mounting slots are set to the common water ski manufacturing insert pattern.

The MOB team is currently sourcing a stock boot for the system. We believe that the skier should have a choice of their boot. We encourage users to stick with their current boot so that they can retain the same comfort on their ski while adding the safety of the MOB system.
The system designer, Mike Mosley has been using this type system in competition for over twenty years, and continues to refine the system.

Check our website at : www.mobsystemrelease.com or on Facebook at @MikesOverallBinding

Information Contact: Mike Mosley, Owner-Dseigner

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At GOODE Skis we like to celebrate accomplishments. And as a long-time title sponsor and supporter of the U.S. Nationals, we think that qualifying for, and skiing in your first Nationals, is one of the biggest achievements in our sport.

That’s why this year we are paying the entry fees for 20 skiers competing in their first ever Nationals.

“We all remember our first Nationals,” says Dave Goode, who first competed in the tournament in 1983. “It’s a really big deal and we wanted to recognize that by rewarding some skiers who have worked really hard to get here.

“And the ski industry needs to do everything it can to get people excited about the sport. This is our way of making the experience even better for some deserving skiers who hopefully will keep coming back year after year.”

For at least one first-timer, the free entry was enough to help convince them to compete.

“I was honestly considering not skiing until this promotional opportunity was created,” said Sue Pickrell, a Women’s 5 competitor from Bellevue, Wash., who first skied in 2002 and didn’t enter her first tournament until 2011. “Thank you!”

Among the youngest skiers taking advantage of the offer are Sara and Sawyer Perez, Girl’s 1 and Boy’s 1 competitors, respectively, who both PB’d at this year’s Western Regionals.

“They are very excited to ski in their first Nationals,” says Shauna Perez, Sara and Sawyer’s mom. “And they are very much looking forward to meeting Team GOODE at Nationals.”

MSRP - $1799
63.5, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69.5
Available in 2 colors (Coral and Day-Glow)

Our newest construction moves what we know about ski building into the next realm. PMI is the next generation of lightweight reactive core foam. Its current application is aircraft construction based on its ability to easily shape and thermoform. PMI is structurally more rigid (simplifying the layup) and more reactive than other current hi-end cores available. The latter benefit offers more feel and forgiveness making the ski connected and controlled. PMI also displayed minimal structural fatigue after longevity cycle testing compared to PVC, which eventually broke down. There is a noticeable difference between other lightweight core skis and our new ProBuild. 

The new Pro Build Construction was modeled to offer you what the pros have known for more than a year. It’s knowing that there’s something better out there than PVC. Countless titles have been won under cloak during the development of this newest construction. Combine our new core with Textreme Carbon and structural Innegra and you’ll find nothing more technically advanced anywhere. 

Welcome to the future.   

SioeyeSEATTLE, July 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, live streaming action sports brand Sioeye announced the release of the Sioeye Iris4G Blink, its first retail-ready camera and second 4G-enabled action camera that gives sports enthusiasts the ability to capture and broadcast adventures in real-time. The Sioeye Iris4G Blink edition follows the 2015 introduction of Sioeye's first device, the Sioeye Iris4G 4K. The Sioeye Iris4G Blink will be available in the U.S. in retail stores in the second half of this year and includes integrated live streaming as well as HD video capabilities. In addition to launching the new retail-ready camera, Sioeye announced that it would extend streaming capabilities to YouTube Live.

The Sioeye Iris4G Blink enables action sports enthusiasts and pros to live stream video, audio, and real-time stats including speed and altitude overlays to their fans at the touch of a button. The Sioeye Iris4G Blink live streams using 4G LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity directly built into the smart device.

With the press of a button, the live stream is automatically broadcast through the SioeyeLIVE platform available on iOS, Android, the web and now with a new option to stream directly to your YouTube Live account. SioeyeLIVE simplifies streaming and enables fans to watch and interact with broadcasters as well as gain easy access to instant replay videos.

"The introduction of a high quality, affordable LTE connected device combined with the ability to broadcast to YouTube Live will fundamentally change how fans and friends interact with people in the action sports community," said David Abramowski, General Manager at Sioeye. "Live streaming and the action sports market naturally go together, and Sioeye is at the center of this convergence."

The Sioeye Iris4G Blink live streams at 480p with 30fps, providing a beautiful image and clear sound for mobile viewing with low data consumption using approximately 450MB per hour. The smart device can also simultaneously record HD video to local storage during a live stream session and runs on Android 6.0 with an internal GPS and barometer sensors, delivering additional information to viewers on stream including speedometer and altimeter dashboards.



Pass the Handle came a week early this year at Centurion and Supreme Boats. These Correct Craft Companies combined Pass the Handle day with a Weekend of Giving on July 16, 2016. In addition to a canned food drive and Lake Yosemite clean-up, Centurion and Supreme chose to give the fun of towed water sports […] The post Centurion and Supreme Boats #PasstheHandle on Weekend of Giving (https://centurionboats.com/centurion-supreme-boats-passthehandle-weekend-giving/) appeared first on Centurion World Championship Towboats (https://centurionboats.com) .

About Centurion Boats: Centurion Boats has always been based on innovation, but exciting new product, leadership and Correct Craft company culture are sparking a re-imagination of the Centurion brand. Water sports boaters are now choosing Centurion boats for next generation versatile performance, ambitious design and inspired craftsmanship. Thanks to this progression, Centurion Boats is experiencing their fastest market share growth in history. Re-imagine life in a Centurion boat.

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 91 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. The Correct Craft family includes Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, and SeaArk boat companies, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit www.correctcraft.com. To learn more about Centurion Boats and its complete product line, visit www.centurionboats.com.


This weekend in southern Italy, Freddie Winter joined a very elite club of skiers to take a piece of 2 ball at 43off with 1.5 and in doing so set a pending European Record. With this score he breaks the record he currently holds alongside the great Andy Mapple with 1@43off. This would be the first European Record set in Europe in over 30 years since Mapple ran 4 @ 39off in 1985.

The record came while skiing in a tournament with a wealth of Europe's top talent in at TWS Ski School in Napoli. Along with the record, Freddie prevailed in the tournament, taking the win above Thomas Degasperi and rising star Robert Pigozzi in a hard fought head to head.

The record comes after a streak of 13 complete 41off passes in his previous 18 rounds of tournament including 5 in the last week in a Italy. The start of this spell can be pinpointed to the moment Freddie moved onto the MC17 model ski in mid April.


USAWS LogoTeam will compete in the 4th 35+ Water Ski World Championships

POLK CITY, Fla., July 13, 2016 - USA Water Ski and the American Water Ski Association are pleased to announce the athletes selected to the 2016 U.S. 35+ Water Ski World Championships Team, which will compete in the 4th 35+ Water Ski World Championships, Sept. 14-18, at the Seseña Water Ski & Wakeboard Complex in Seseña, Spain. The American Water Ski Association's International Activities Committee selected the team based on qualifications criteria previously approved by the American Water Ski Association's board of directors.
Athletes selected to the U.S. 35+ Water Ski World Championships Team were: John Burris (West Point, Miss.), Brandy Nagle (Elk Grove, Calif.), Tony Knight (Jacksonville, Fla.), Lori Krueger (Martindale, Texas), Mitch Grau (Carrollton, Texas), Joy Kelley (Loudon, Tenn.), Kelly Zoellner (Jacksonville, Ill.) and Janie Fausold (Pleasant Grove, Calif.). Christy Kingsmill (Roselle, Ill.) will be the team manager for the U.S. contingent.

In addition to the team members, several athletes will be competing as U.S. independents at the biennial event. In addition, the 2016 35+ Water Ski World Championships is allowing each national federation to enter five wild card competitors who are not currently qualified from the world rankings list or a member of the federation's team. Along with these five wild card entries, the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation's Tournament Council also is allowing each national federation to enter five wild card entries for the 65+ division. The U.S. athletes with the highest NOPS (overall) score were selected by the AWSA's IAC provided their score in every event entered met the minimum standards as shown in Section 4 of the IWWF rulebook.

Selected as U.S. 35+ wild cards (35-44, 45-54 and 55-64 age divisions) were: Scot Ellis (Auburndale, Fla.), Benny Lohr (Orlando, Fla.), Eric Kolb (Stow, Ohio), Kim Contos (Fishers, Ind.) and George Levien (Aventura, Fla.).

Selected as U.S. 65+ wild cards were: Sarvis Bass (Wilson, N.C.), John Crane (Niceville, Fla.), Skip Dunlap (Lake Wales, Fla.), Joe Blair (Greenwood, Ark.) andKay Kelly (Milton, Fla.).

The 2014 U.S. 35+ Water Ski World Championships Team won the overall team gold medal at the 2014 World 35+ Water Ski Championships in Groveland, Fla.

The American Water Ski Association is one of nine sport discipline organizations of USA Water Ski.

About USA Water Ski

USA Water Ski was formed in 1939 as a non-profit organization promoting water skiing in the United States. USA Water Ski is affiliated with the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (world governing body) and is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and Pan-American Sports Organization as the national governing body of organized water skiing and wakeboarding in the United States.

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MCManon Costard arrived in Italy this weekend to the news that Air France had mislaid her ski bag. No ski, gloves, handle or any of the things that are necessary to compete in a top level pro event such as the San Gervasio Pro Am. Despite her hopes that the airline would get their act together and deliver her kit she had to plan to ski with anything she could find. She set about getting ready for a tough tournament on unfamiliar gear.

On the first day she qualified for the head to head finals as second seed by riding the ski of her MC team mate and competitor, Claire Lise Welter, as well as one belonging to an amateur skier in the event to two scores at 39off/ 10.75m. On finals day Manon went through two rounds of the head to head to make the Super Final bracket against France Team mate, Clem Lucine, again with two scores at 39off on a borrowed ski. Going out second she was set the score of 2 @ 39off to beat. She didn't just get a piece of 3 to get the win, she ran the whole pass, the third time she has done so in tournament. This was the first time a female skier had ever run 39off in Europe. She may have lost her ski but she found outstanding form just when it mattered.

This incredible performance is testament not just to such a brilliant athlete as Manon. MC Skis is very proud of how easy our skis are to pick up and instantly ski well on and the uniformity of each product.

On the men's side, Freddie Winter continued his run of form by qualifying top seed for the finals. He went out to World Champion Nate Smith after meeting him in the semi final head to head bracket to take home third place. He managed to complete three 41off/ 10.25m passes along the way, taking his tally for the season to 11.

Congrats to all who participated and thanks to those at Jolly Ski School who continue to push professional water skiing in Europe in such a positive way. As for Manon's ski bag, the search continues...



BallOfSpray is proud to announce that Performance Ski and Surf has signed on as a sponsor of the Centurion BallOfSpray Cash Prize.

"We are thrilled to be a part of BallOfSpray Cash Prize Competitions. Their new vision for how a tournament can be run is a breath of fresh air for skiers of all levels!"  Bill Porter - CEO of Performance Ski and Surf of Orlando Inc.  

At each event pro and amateur skiers alike will compete for $6,000 in prize money. Each event is comprised of 2 rounds of prelims and a final. Every competitor will ski 3 times and every competitor has an opportunity to take home prize money. The top 16 skiers at each event will compete for $3,000 in a head-to-head final and the remaining skiers will compete for an additional  $3,000 in a handicap final.

See below for dates, locations and registration details

Centurion BallOfSpray Cash Prize at Hilltop - Marysville, WA 8/20 - 8/21
Centurion BallOfSpray Cash Prize at Bell Acqua  - Rio Linda, CA  9/6 - 9/7
Centurion BallOfSpray Cash Prize at Aquaplex - Austin, TX  10/1 - 10/2Payout Tables

General Notes and Rules

All scores will go into the USAWS official score book. All scores at Whitestone, Hilltop and Aquaplex will be Class C. All scores at BellAcqua will be Class L. 

All scores will also go into a separate Score Book to accommodate the rules of the event

To be eligible for the handicap round, a skier must have scores from 5 or more different USAWS tournaments in the previous 12 months

  1. Handicaps will be calculated from each skier's USAWS 12 month 3 score average 
  2. BallOfSpray reserves the right to tweak individual handicaps and entry qualifications as needed
  3. Non USAWS skiers who can provide documentation of scores from other federations will be admitted at the discretion of the event organizer 

All scores will be entered into the Cash Prize Score Book without regard to boat speed. The values for 34 MPH scores will be used for 36 mph and 32 mph skiers.

  1. Example: 4 @38 off = 100 buoys at 34mph and at 36 mph and at 32 mph

Seeding for the Head to Head will be as follows

  1. Skiers with the 8 highest scores from prelims will take seeds 1 through 8
  2. Skiers with the highest combined scores from rounds 1 and 2 (but not one of the 8 highest scores) will take seeds 9 through 16

All rules are subject to change

Entries are non-refundable unless the event fills. Entry fees will only be refunded when a skier from the waiting list replaces a canceled entry. 

The entry fee is $200

All rules are subject to change

Send entries to
John Horton
2412 Lomita Verde Drive
Bakersfield CA
Make entry fee checks out to BallOfSpray
Visit Centurion Boats

Now there is no excuse not to join us in Boise this summer. Start training and see you there!




USC Solar Boat Design Team

LITTLE MOUNTAIN, SC (June 29, 2016) – A team of University of South Carolina (USC) mechanical engineers, working with Pleasurecraft Engine Group (PEG), took third place in SOLAR SPLASH®, the World Championship of intercollegiate solar/electric boating, held June 15-19 in Dayton, Ohio.

Since 1994, university teams from across the globe have designed and built prototype solar/electric boats for competition in Solar Splash. Each team’s boat goes through technical inspections followed by five on-the-water competitive events. Points are earned in 7 categories to determine an overall champion. USC’s teams have now earned nine Top 5 finishes including three World Championship titles.

In addition to offering financial support, PEG assisted the USC team through the entire 12-month design process. PEG President Mark McKinney and USC team captain (and new PEG engineer) Carver Buis began by attending a hybrid electric boat show in Fort Lauderdale to learn more about the electric marine world. The most valuable support came from the team’s access to PEG engineers’ inputs and perspectives throughout the entire design process.

“Without the influence of PEG in the solar boat project many design issues would have been overlooked. Due to the experience and guidance PEG provided to the team, we were able to place well in the competition and also take home the award for Most Improved Team,” stated Buis.

McKinney added, “Pleasurecraft is very proud to have helped the USC team earn the Most Improved award and to once again be competitive in this prestigious competition. Working with these students has been a valuable learning experience for everyone involved and we hope to continue participating in this event for many years to come.”

About SOLAR SPLASH: SOLAR SPLASH is a trademark of Solar Splash Inc., a non-profit organization formed to promote engineering education and interest in solar innovation. Solar Splash Inc. seeks to involve college and high school students in hands-on educational activity by hosting the SOLAR SPLASH competition each year. For more information visit www.solarsplash.com.

About Pleasurecraft Engine Group: Pleasurecraft Engine Group, owned by Correct Craft, manufactures four engine brands, PCM, Crusader, Challenger, and Levitator, from its headquarters in Little Mountain, South Carolina. For forty years Pleasurecraft has led the industry in providing the highest quality, most innovative inboard engines, backed with exceptional service. For more information please visit www.pcmengines.com.

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 91 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. The Correct Craft family includes Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, and SeaArk boat companies, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit www.correctcraft.com.

For nearly three years Brian Detrick couldn’t get past his personal best of 3 buoys at 41 feet off.

But in less than two weeks on the RéV 6, the newest member of Team GOODE’s PB now stands two buoys higher at 5 at 41 off.

Brian set the new PB not once, but twice during last weekend’s Shortline Lake Record in Elk Grove, Calif.

For more about how the new PBs went down, watch the video above.

Prior to setting the new PB, Brian predicted big things to come for him this summer on the RéV 6.

“It’s very symmetrical in the turns and fast across the wake, which creates a lot of space into the next buoy,” said Brian. “I’ve never had so much space coming into the buoy. As the line continues to get shorter that space is still there.

“There’s just a lot of potential in this ski and I’m very excited about that and where it can go this season.”

Currently the No. 4 ranked Open Men’s skier in the United States, Brian’s score of 5 at 41 off will likely vault him into the top-6 of IWWF’s continuous world rankings list. He ended the 2014 and 2015 seasons in the top-10 of the IWWF’s Elite rankings and was named the 2014-15 WaterSki Magazine Ambassador of the Year.

New Innovation Brings Confidence to Inboard Boat Handling

VONORE, Tenn. (June 21, 2016) – MasterCraft (NASDAQ: MCFT) claims another towsports industry-first with today’s unveiling of its revolutionary new Dockstar Handling System that enables boat drivers of any ability level to confidently drive in reverse and more easily navigate tight docks and crowded marinas.

MasterCraft’s engineering team conquered two equally important charters with the innovative Dockstar Handling System: enable drivers to control a boat in both directions in reverse and improve the docking and maneuverability capabilities of an inboard drive MasterCraft. The innovative Dockstar Handling System enables this through a pair of low-profile, flanking rudders that enable port-side reverse control, which was previously unattainable with inboard towboats, while also greatly assisting during docking and controlling the vessel at low speeds.

Drivers used to traditional inboard handling will be amazed at the boat’s ability to reverse both port and starboard without having to compensate while newcomers to the inboard category, especially from the outboard or stern drive category, will instantly feel comfortable maneuvering in even the tightest spaces.

“MasterCraft and its progression are about making time on the water easier,” said Terry McNew, President and CEO of MasterCraft.  “After we identified a way to make boating with a MasterCraft even better for our customers, we put our team of experienced designers and naval architects to work. The Dockstar Handling System improves the on-water experience for boaters and effectively removes any last entry barriers to buying an inboard towboat for owners who typically have preferred the handling and maneuverability of a traditional outboard or stern drive configuration.”

The patent-pending Dockstar Handling System is exclusive to MasterCraft towboats and is available on most 2017 models. The innovative new steering system will be but one of more than a dozen new upgrades set to be announced as part of the 2017 model year lineup in early July.

The Dockstar Handling System is the latest industry-changing innovation introduced by MasterCraft as part of the company’s long-standing legacy of watersports progression. MasterCraft has won five NMMA Innovation Awards, IndustryWeek’s prestigious Best Plant in North America Award and served as the official towboat for countless world records and world championships. Visit www.mastercraft.com to learn more about the revolutionary Dockstar story.


HerbsCupQUINCY, WASHINGTON (June 15, 2016) – The towering cliffs of Crescent Bar provide an amazing back drop to showcase eight world class water skiers in memory of Herb O'Brien. This is such a cool and unique opportunity for our local waterski community. The Herb O'Brien Memorial cup will include a cash prize pro event on Saturday evening June 25, and a very cool pro/am event on Sunday afternoon June 26.

Local waterskiers are invited to swerve alongside the pros on Sunday to honor Herb in this first annual pro/am Herb’s Cup event. Radar, Mastercraft and INT have some fun surprises for all the skiers and pros.

The Herb O’Brien Memorial Cup will feature and international field:

K.C. Wilson – 3X Jr. Masters Champion

Brooks Wilson – 3X Jr. US Open Champion

Freddie Winter – Pro Champion and British Record Holder

Jason McClintock – Canadian Record Holder

Steven Neveu – World Champion Medalist

Chris Rossi – Professional Champion

Trent Finlayson – Canadian Record Holder

Terry Winter – Professional Champion

Crescent Bar River Fest Schedule of Waterski Events:

Amateur skiers will have two opportunities to get on the water at Crescent Bar River Fest!

Friday Evening 5pm: The pro’s will be doing a preliminary heat on the Crescent Bar Slalom Course in the channel.

Saturday 8am: INT League Amateur Waterski Event

Saturday 5pm: Herb O’Brien Memorial Cup Pro Waterski Tournament

Sunday 12:30pm: Herb O’Brien Memorial Cup Pro/Am

What’s the Cost?

$45 – Saturday’s INT League Amateur Competition
$20 – Sunday’s Pro/Am Competition
*Registration is limited to only 32 spots, please pre-register online at CrescentBarRiverFest.com

How does it the Pro/Am work?

Both Pro and Amateur skiers will ski on Saturday and set a bench mark score. From there, the 32 amateur skiers will be divided into 8 teams with one pro and four amateur skiers for Sunday’s competition. Together the teams will ski against each other to improve on their scores from Saturday. The winning team will each receive a brand new Radar Waterski on Sunday afternoon at the awards ceremony.

Who is Herb O’Brien?

Herb O’Brien founded O’Brien Sports, HO Sports/Hyperlite and most recently Ronix Wakeboards and Radar Waterskis. In 1972, he built the second ever manmade waterski lake in Woodinville, WA which today remains one of the most famous lakes in the world. Anyone with the privilege of knowing Herb remembers him for his generosity and giving nature. There are endless stories of his compassion told by the hundreds of people who worked for him over the years. We lost Herb in 2012 at the age of only 68. His vacation home at Crescent Bar was one of his favorite places to come ski.



Ellie Horton is three event and third generation competitive water skier. She grew up skiing at Horton Lakes, which was built by her grandfather Dr Jack Horton, and began competing when she was ten years old.

Currently, Ellie is a second year student at Florida Southern College. She is studying journalism and skis on scholarship for the FSC water ski team. is ranked 3rd overall in the nation, 9th in the U21 overall world standings, and has her open women’s rating in overall.

She is a member of the D3 water skis Factory Team and is sponsored by CAMARO wetsuits and NewCity Clothing.

Her recent successes have included winning Division I women’s tricks at the 2013 collegiate nationals as well as taking the tricks and overall title at the U21 2014 Pan Am Championships.